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After a brief hiatus due to our live coverage of Comic-Con, we're back with a double-sized edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting the recent independent horror news sent our way. Today's feature includes a new trailer for Come Back to Me and I Spill Your Guts 2, release details on Schism, Silent Retreat, and the Class of Nuke 'Em High soundtrack, and much more:

Come Back to Me Trailer: "Sarah (Walder) and Josh McLaren (Passmore) are a young married couple living in suburban Las Vegas. Shortly after a car accident, Sarah begins to suffer a series of disturbing memory lapses and frequent blackouts that seem to be increasing in intensity. Unsure of what is happening, and feeling as though she is losing her mind, Sarah comes to learn she is pregnant. To add to her shock, she subsequently discovers that her husband is sterile. As her marriage and world begin to fall apart, she makes a desperate attempt to find the truth by planting a hidden camera in her home. What she discovers is both horrific and life-altering and involves a dark secret about her neighbor Dale (Keyes) that proves to be even more far-reaching than anyone could imagine.

Come Back to Me, star[s] Katie Walder (Gilmore Girls, Supernatural), Matt Passmore (The Glades), and Nathan Keyes (The Kings of Summer). The film opens in theaters, and on VOD, on Friday, July 25th."


Casting Update for Welcome to Purgatory: "‘Welcome to Purgatory’ follows three new arrivals – Willis, Taylor and Danni - as they navigate this fresh vision of the Afterlife, helped along the way by Guardian Paul. The gates of Heaven & Hell have been broken and the Afterlife is in ruins. The new arrivals must find a way to put things right to prevent an eternal battle between good and evil.

Cupsogue Pictures are pleased to announce that actors James Buckley, known for his role as Jay in the hugely successful British TV series ‘The Inbetweeners’, and Bruce Campbell, known for his roles in many cult horror films including ‘The Evil Dead’ have both joined the cast of upcoming fantasy motion picture ‘Welcome to Purgatory’.

Buckley, who is best known for his role as cocky student Jay Cartwright in ‘The Inbetweeners’ has joined the cast in the role of Luke, a petty thief who doesn’t have much luck, even in the Afterlife. Along with his partner-in-crime, Charlie (Stephen Marcus), they try to make the best of every bad situation in Purgatory, but with little success. Buckley, who also appeared in Matt Drake’s ‘Charlie Countryman’ and ‘The Inbetweeners Movie’ is just about to make a theatrical return in its upcoming sequel ‘The Inbetweeners 2’.

Campbell, who often works with Sam Raimi, Eli Roth and ‘Welcome To Purgatory’s own executive producer Scott Spiegel, is known for appearing in over 100 movies, many of which have become cult classics, making Campbell himself a cult icon after starring in such films as ‘Army of Darkness’, ‘The Evil Dead’, ‘Burn Notice’, ‘Spider-man’ and ‘Bubba Ho-Tep’.

‘Welcome To Purgatory’ also stars Jillian Murray (‘Wild Things: Foursome’, ’Bad Ass’), Nathan Jones (‘Troy’, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’), Jack O’Halloran (‘Superman’, ‘King Kong’), and Stephen Marcus (‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’, ‘Quills’), and will be directed by British director Gene Fallaize.

Tony Cook and Gene Fallaize are producing the picture for Cupsogue Pictures, which was written by Marcus Ako & Tony Cook. Filming is due to commence on ‘Welcome to Purgatory’ at Pinewood Studios, ahead of a theatrical release in 2015."

For more information, visit:


Class of Nuke 'Em High Soundtrack Release Details: "The Ship to Shore Phonograph Company announced today that the soundtrack to the Troma classic Class of Nuke ‘Em High will finally get an official release, something fans have been waiting for since 1986! In conjunction with Troma, Ship To Shore have collated the glorious 80's anthems that made the soundtrack such a highly demanded item, and will release it to the public - on magnificently thick 180g vinyl! The LP is now available for pre-order and will street on November 11, 2014.

Featuring artwork from Godmachine, the soundtrack will be limited to 1,000 copies. 700 copies will be on high quality 180 gram black vinyl, and 300 on special “Dewey’s Meltdown” splattered vinyl. Each song has been meticulously remastered for optimum stereophonic listening pleasure, so fans can now enjoy them the way they the artists intended them.

Inside the sleeve you can expect liner notes from director Lloyd Kaufman and theme song composer Ethan Hurt, along with never-before-seen production stills and behind-the-scenes production photos from the movie.

And because the portable record player was never invented - at least successfully - each LP will also include an MP3 download of the full album, featuring exclusive track-by-track commentary by Troma president and Class of Nuke ‘Em High co-director Lloyd Kaufman!

The album can only be ordered directly from the Ship To Shore Media webstore and due to its limited run it is expected to sell out fast!"

For more information on the soundtrack, or for a full track listing, visit:


First Details and Casting News on Sisters: "Pushed to the limits by the abusive Ray, four sisters - all witches - use their powers to get a little revenge. But when all hell breaks loose and they must cover up a crime, the Sisters unite for their most harrowing battle yet.

MAD Z Productions is pleased to announce that Bill Moseley has signed on to the cast of its latest project Sisters.

The veteran of such horror classics as Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Devil’s Rejects, and Repo: The Genetic Opera joins the cast of indie horror stars alongside Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare, Silent Night), Devanny Pinn (Dead Sea, House of Manson), Melantha Blackthorne (A Grim Becoming) and Seregon O’Dassey (Captured Hearts). Also starring is Ray Hryb (Killing Brooke).

Filming is set to begin this August in New England. Sisters is written and directed by David Zagorski (Killing Brooke, The Devil’s Nightmare), and co-produced by Zagorski and Ray Hryb."

To learn more about this film, go to the Sisters official Facebook page at:


Schism Production Update: "A consultant psychiatrist attempts to break through to a disturbed young woman who has not spoken since she was found in a wheat field days earlier. The two men who discovered her gave statements that she was not alone in that field. There were also the dead bodies of three young children with her. The police can find no trace of the children. Together, in her secure hospital room, patient and doctor begin a devastating journey into the abyss of what has happened to her, the mystery of who she is and the staggering revelation of what she might be.

Branko Tomovic and Francesca Fowler are starring in "Schism", a psychological thriller which Steve Stone is directing from his own script.

This will mark the second collaboration of Steve Stone and Branko Tomovic who already starred in Stone's first feature, the supernatural chiller "Entity" alongside Dervla Kirwan and Charlotte Riley. Entity had a very successful festival run and found distribution in the US, UK and Australia. It won the main award at the London Independent Film Festival and also Best Film at the British Horror Film Festival, including nominations for Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Leading Actor (Branko Tomovic) and Best Leading Actress (Charlotte Riley).

Branko Tomovic can currently be seen as Jack Bauer's right hand man Belcheck in 24: Live Another Day. Other recent credits include David Ayer's Fury with Brad Pitt and he is also set to play Nikola Tesla in Michael Anton's biopic Tesla. Francesca Fowler's credits include Dr Who, Rome and she also starred alongside Gillian Anderson in Closure.

Schism just wrapped shooting on locations in Northern England."


DVD Release Details for Revelation Trail: "In the late nineteenth-century, a holy man known only as the Preacher (Daniel Van Thomas) confronts unspeakable evil as a gruesome power consumes the frontier. Standing between ruin and salvation, he joins forces with the town Marshal (Daniel Britt), a man with his own set of demons, in a savage fight against the undead.

Revelation Trail on DVD from Entertainment One on August 26th.

Bonus Features: Commentary with Daniel Van Thomas, Daniel Britt and Director John Gibson
Life on the Trail: The Story of the Film, Four Behind-the-Scenes and On Location Featurettes
"My Beloved" Revelation Trail Music Video by Angry Johnny and the Killbillies, and Revelation Fail: Bloopers & Outtakes."


Crawl or Die Trailer and Release Details Announced: "Earth as we know it is gone. A virus has destroyed the planet and rendered all its women infertile, all but one. An elite team of soldiers are tasked with bringing the woman to safety on the newly habitable Earth Two. But when they are forced underground they find themselves fighting for survival from an bloodthirsty creature in a maze of ever shrinking tunnels. As the team's ranks start to dwindle, the tunnels shrink and the ammunition run out, the crawl for survival becomes more and more desperate.

On June 3rd, 2014 the film Crawl or Die was released in Japan titled Alien Crawl and was quickly labeled by critics as "The most CLAUSTROPHOBIC movie ever made!"

On August 12, 2014 Uncork'd Entertainment and Vertical Entertainment are releasing Crawl or Die in the USA and CANADA - you decide if Japan was correct."


Silent Retreat Distribution Details: "Following an assault charge, Janey Andrews (Chelsea Jenish) is sent to a remote rehabilitation center in order to avoid jail time. Run by an ominous doctor (Robert Nolan) and his two sons, Janey is instructed to follow the rules of the retreat without question: No talking. No eye contact. No interaction of any kind. It doesn’t take long for Janey to realize that something sinister is taking place and with the help of a fellow inmate named Alexis (Sophia Banzhaf), the girls attempt to flee. Despite the doctor’s deplorable motives, Janey soon discovers that something much more sinister lurks just beyond the trees and she comes to understand exactly what the penalty is for those who break the silence.

After taking home the prize for Best Canadian Feature at last year’s Toronto After Dark Film Festival, Silent Retreat has now found a home on DVD through Black Fawn Distribution. A Film Monkey Production has granted the Canadian home video rights for their award winning creature feature Silent Retreat to Black Fawn Distribution to be released on DVD in Canada on September 2nd, 2014.

The Silent Retreat DVD will include a behind the scenes featurette, director and writer commentary, an exclusive artwork gallery, and trailers for the film."


House of the Witchdoctor DVD and VOD Release Details: "Leslie Van Hooten (Stephens) is mourning the anniversary of her boyfriend's murder. Her father (Moseley) and mother (Easterbrook) leave her at the family's isolated estate with her fellow grad students. The weekend takes a turn for the worst when Cliff Rifton (Kayser), a recently released career criminal, and Buzz Schenk (Willis), his drug addict sidekick are hell bent on raging a torturous killing spree. The killers soon realize all is not as it seems in the house. As the body count begins to rise, it seems death is the only escape from the house.

Breaking Glass Pictures will be releasing House of the Witch Doctor on DVD/VOD (iTunes) on September 16, 2014. Directed and written by Devon Mikolas, House of the Witch Doctor stars Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D), Leslie Easterbrook (The Devil's Rejects), Allan Kayser (Night of the Creeps), Callie Stephens and David Willis."


Innocence Trailer Released: "Haunted by the death and dreams of her beloved mother in a Montauk surfing accident, 16 year old Beckett and her father, novelist Miles Warner, move to Manhattan and attempt to piece together their shattered life. Now enrolled at the exclusive Hamilton preparatory school, her psychosis and hallucinations intensify with the dubious suicides of current and past students as does her first love for Tobey Crawford. The discovery that her new school may be run by a coven of beautiful and seductive women who perpetuate their youth by drinking the blood of virgins becomes the ultimate challenge of Beckett and Tobey's young lives.

Innocence is a chilling allegory of the precarious state of an American teenager, explores themes of loss, the human condition and a society torn between purity and narcissism."

Innocence was directed by Hilary Brougher and Produced by Jane Mendelsohn, Christine Vachon, and Pam Koffler. The film stars Kelly Reilly (Pamela Hamilton), Sophie Curtis (Beckett Warner), Graham Phillips (Tobey Crawford), and Linus Roche (Miles Warner).


Brutal Red Band Trailer Released: "Brutal centers on Trevor (Morgan Benoit), abducted from his backyard at the age of fifteen by an unseen alien presence. Forced into nearly two decades of no-holds-barred fights against other abductees inside an unearthly mixed martial arts arena, Trevor has evolved from an innocent boy into a brutal fighting machine. Derek, (Jeff Hatch) an ambulance chasing lawyer, is the latest lab-rat abductee forced to fight Trevor. As the two men exchange ever-increasing beating over the course of weeks and months, the brutality of their existence and the true nature of their humanity is slowly revealed. With elements of The Twilight Zone and The Prisoner, Brutal explores through science fiction, allegory and psychological drama, man’s violent nature and our propensity to commit unthinkable acts of violence against each other. Yet through this prism of brutality our capacity to love one another, even in the worst of circumstances is celebrated."


Human Garbage First Details: "Innovative Australian guerilla filmmaker Rob Taylor has just released a funding campaign for the schlocky B-grade feature horror movie, Human Garbage.

Based on the Night of the Garbage Monster concept trailer released in 2013 by Phanterror Video, Human Garbage is the splatter-fest horror fans have been waiting for! A slice of homage to the B-movie horror films of the 80’s such as Street Trash, Bad Taste, Braindead and The Toxic Avenger, the hilariously disgusting Human Garbage will leave you screaming for more! If you like your horror films to be full of blood, gore and creature effects, then this dystopian tale about supernatural vengeance is not to be missed! Keep your vomit bag handy, because this is going to get messy!"

To find out more about this film, or how to support its progress, go to:


Shock Value Trailer: "Miles Fowler makes horror movies. Cheap, perverted, blood-soaked schlock-fests that few see and fewer enjoy. Wallowing in obscurity and desperate to make a name for himself, Miles happens upon a bizarre opportunity when he’s the sole witness to a brutal, real-life murder. Sensing a once-in-a-lifetime chance at artistic (and financial) glory, the z-level auteur decides to build his next project around his new “discovery” - serial killer Nick. But when he finds that Nick is in no way ready for his closeup, Miles must resort to that grandest of Hollywood traditions: blackmail. Pushed from the shadows into the spotlight, Nick has no choice but to learn his lines, hit his marks, and contain his homicidal urges. When cameras roll, however, “creative differences" might just put everyone's life in turnaround.

Directed by Doug Rath, produced by Gregory Goodman, [and] written by Anthony Bravo. Starring Anthony Bravo and Zak Hudson."


Lamb Feed First Details: "The creative mind that brought you the 2013 film festival hit Night of the sea monkey: A disturbing tale is at it again. Writer/director Michael S. Rodriguez is cooking up something special for the hardcore horror fans this year with Lamb Feed. The film follows over confident businessman Mitchell Barnes (Luke Church) as he seeks assistance after a blowout in a quaint sleepy town. Instead of help from the town’s people he gets an invite to the darkest corner of his own fears... An invite to their annual Lamb Feed.

Promising to be a total assault on the senses Lamb Feed also boasts a wonderfully diverse cast of up and coming actors as well as familiar faces to the genre such as Robert Mukes (House 1,000 corpses) Scream Queen Melanie Robel, Actor/Radio personality Scott (Gruesome Hertzogg) Geiter, and 60’s film icon Arch Hall Jr. making his comeback to cinema after 5 decades. Plus much more! Lamb Feed is currently in production and is looking for an early fall limited release. So look for this short to hit a film festival near you in the fall of 2014 and throughout 2015.

An MSR STUDIOS/DeepMurder Productions L.L.C. Production."


Jersey Shore Massacre DVD and VOD Release Date Announced: "A typical weekend down the shore takes a bizarre turn in the New Jersey Pine Barrens as six girls and five obnoxious fist-pumpers become the unsuspecting targets of a deranged killer.

Attack Entertainment will be releasing Jersey Shore Massacre in theaters on August 22nd and on VOD and DVD on August 26th.

Written and directed by Paul Tarnopol, the film stars Danielle Dallacco, Angelica Boccella, Giovanni Roselli, Chris Lazzaro, Sal Governale, Richard Christy, Bigfoot, and Ron Jeremy and is executive produced by Jennifer "JWOWW" Farley."

Seeds Casting and Production Details: "When his increasingly depraved behavior spirals out of control, eccentric billionaire Marcus Milton retreats to his family home along the New England coast. But instead of finding solace, Marcus is haunted by his darkest fears and deepest desires. Is Marcus losing his mind or has something terrible burrowed deep within him? Incubating... waiting until the climate is right. Marcus must fight to save his crumbling sanity and protect Lily, his beloved niece, from a monster that lies in wait.

What compels us to do what we inherently know is wrong? How do we justify ourselves? With these questions and more Director Owen Long explores the darker side of the human condition in his upcoming, genre-bending debut Seeds. He goes on to explain, “Seeds is an inquiry into how desire can propel actions that manifest into something beyond one's control." A classic tale of horror and suspense which unfolds along the haunting New England coastline, Seeds has been described as The Shining meets Lolita.

To bring this story to life, Long has teamed up with producers Anthony Ambrosino and Nicholas Delmenico, fresh off of the Sci-fi Horror Almost Human which premiered at TIFF in 2013 and was subsequently picked up by IFC Midnight.

Seeds has been selected as part of the IFP's No Borders International Co-Production Market. The market acts as a meeting ground for well-regarded independent producers to build relationships with buyers, sales agents, and financiers. Seeds is one of only 38 films from around the world selected for this category.

Trevor Long, who starred as Sean Foster on the AMC series Low Winter Sun and as Steve Caprio alongside Brad Pitt and Ray Liotta in 2012’s Killing Them Softly, will take on the lead role of Marcus Milton. Chris Haney (The Avengers, X-Men: First Class, Avatar) will serve as the Visual Effects Supervisor. Screenplay by Steven Weisman based on an original Story by Owen Long. Other notable cast and crew members are yet to be announced. Production will commence in Jamestown, Rhode Island, this September."


Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum Release Details and Trailer: "What starts as a typical pool party soon turns violent when neighbor Mark (John Lucas) shows up unannounced – completely naked and brandishing a gun. Forcing Mimi to admit to their failed tryst, Mark turns the gun on himself and falls dead into the pool. From that flash point starts a nightmarish odyssey for everyone involved. Soon, secrets will be divulged, alliances will shift and friendships will be tested. As the evening wears on, it becomes apparent that someone within their group might have tasted blood before.

Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum, the indie film that took the festival circuit by storm, garnering both critical and audience acclaim, comes home when Midnight Releasing, the leading purveyor in home entertainment horror, releases the thriller August 26th on DVD, VOD and digital download. With a fresh, hot young cast and a story that defies description (we’ll try, though), the winner of numerous festival honors will be available throughout North America via multiple platforms. DVD availability is set to include Walmart and most other retail and rental chains. On the digital side, the film will be available on all major and minor cable VOD channels as well as major internet platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox Video, Sony Entertainment Network, and others. DVD pre-book on July 15th.

The directorial debut of Thomas L. Phillips, who also wrote, edited and produced the film, Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum paints an unforgettable and truly bizarre picture of suburbia – with a brush dipped in blood! BFFs Mimi (Sasha Ramos) and Tabitha (Erin Nicole Cline) are holding a party at Mimi’s house while her father is away on business. Inviting boyfriends Dutch (Joe Coffey) and Sean (Chris Greene), Mimi even allows her younger sister Kylene (Emily Rogers) to invite her boyfriend Harris (Anthony Rutowicz).

Selected for presentation at over 30 film festivals all over the world, Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum is well on its journey in becoming the next great cult classic. Awards include Winner Best Comedy at the 2012 Chicago Horror Film Festival, Winner Best Feature Film at the 2012 New York International Film Festival, Winner Best Horror/Thriller Feature Film at the 2012 Bare Bones Film Festival and Winner Best Feature Film at the 2013 World Independent Film Expo."


Dead Within DVD and VOD Release Date Announced: "Set six months after a deadly outbreak that has all but ended the human race, a man and woman have survived by isolating themselves in a remote cabin and never opening the door. Now, they don't have a choice. Starved for resources, they must confront the horrors that threaten them…but what's inside may be even more toxic than what remains outside.

Millennium Entertainment is proud to announce the home entertainment release of Ben Wagner’s (Southbenders) psychological horror film, Dead Within. Wagner, alongside the film’s stars Amy Cale Peterson (Southbounders) and Dean Chekvala ("True Blood", People Like Us), collectively wrote the screenplay with Matthew Bradford. Audiences can own the chiller on DVD and VOD platforms on September 9, 2014.

Dead Within has a running time of 83 minutes and is not rated."

For more information on the film, visit


The Meat Puppet Trailer and Distribution Details: "Andrew "Drew" Shelton appears to have it all… Looks. Money. Women. But behind that charming smile lies an unimaginable evil. An abusive childhood has turned him into an impulsive, delusional sociopath who has developed an insatiable appetite for beautiful women’s flesh. As the bodies pile up and a gung-ho detective starts stalking him, Andrew descends deeper into madness. His obsession with one woman may be the only chance to stop him from serving up his next victim. Or will she fall prey and become the next main course?

"The Meat Puppet" is looking to take a bite out of its competition around the globe now that TomCat Films is onboard as their distributor. TomCat Films is primarily known for its genre and mockbuster titles (Aliens vs Avatars, Thunderstorm: The Return of Thor, Agent Beetle) and is headed by sales and distribution veteran Ted Chalmers. "The Meat Puppet" has won 5 awards so far, including: Best Horror Film, Best Actor (Keith Collins) and Best NJ Feature. The film was produced entirely in New Jersey and features some of the final footage taken at Union Beach and Jakeabobs Restaurant and Bar, which were both devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Starring: Keith Collins and Daniela Rivera.

Featuring: Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns N' Roses), Skeery Jones (Z-100), Chris Wilkes (SNL), Gregg Valentino (TLC’s "The Man Whose Arms Exploded"), Billy Sample (former NY Yankee), Geri Reischl (The Brady Bunch Variety Hour), Emilio Masella (Jersey Shore), Billy Garcia & Gervase Peterson (Survivor), John Fields (DJ Unique), Gary Garver (formerly of The Howard Stern Show), Brandon Ruckdashel (Co-ed Confidential), Darren Server (Atlas Shrugged), Erik Chopin (Winner of The Biggest Loser), Theresa Galeani (Cross The Line), Matthew Schultz (Singer/Songwriter), Jamie Kovac (Fury from American Gladiators) and April Hunter (WCW & TNA wresting).

Directed & Edited by: Joe Valenti Created by: Keith Collins. Produced by: Blaze Kelly Coyle, Keith Collins & Joe Valenti. Written by: Joseph and Billy Pepitone and Executive Produced by: Blaze Kelly Coyle & Joe Valenti."

To learn more about this film, go to:


The 6th Friend Casting and Production Details: Aug. 5, 2014 - LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- "Featuring an all-female principal cast, “The 6th Friend” starring Dominique Swain (Lolita), Jamie Bernadette (Milf), Chantelle Albers (Moo Moo and the Three Witches), and Jessica Morris (One Life to Live), has wrapped principal photography and moved into post-production.

The film synopsis reads, “Six college best friends throw their own private graduation party when the stoner of the group orders in something special from her drug dealer, who sticks around and joins their party uninvited. Before the night is over, a horrible vengeance will be wreaked upon him. Five years later, the girls gather once again and endure a night of far more horror and bloodshed that is inflicted upon them this time”.

David Villada plays the sexy, gritty drug dealer “Tyler”. David is not new to this type of character having had experience playing a drug dealer before in the popular crime thriller “6 Ways to Sundown” and also in the drama “Armo”. We will also see a special appearance by Tina Cole of “My Three Sons” in the film.

Dominique Swain comments regarding her experience working in the film, “Working on ‘The 6th Friend’ was delightful! Rarely do I come away from a set with several really close friends— not a diva or big boob bimbo in the bunch— and our exuberantly inspiring director, Letia Clouston is magic!”

The film anticipates a tentative release date of early 2015."

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