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2014/08/24 15:02:28 +00:00 | Tamika Jones

DevouredWe return with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting the recent independent horror news sent our way. Today's feature includes first details on The Ride, Abruptio, and Howard Lovecraft & the Three Kingdoms hardback graphic novel, a trailer for Find Me and Trauma Dolls, casting news on Bad Kids Go 2 Hell, and much more:

New Casting Details for Bad Kids Go 2 Hell: "In Bad Kids Go to 2 Hell, it's four years later and a new group of students has been placed in Saturday detention at snooty Crestview Academy. After one of the kids locks away the teacher assigned to watch them, the five of them very quickly find their ranks dwindling as each meets a gruesome fate. They may make it out of the library, but with a new threat revealing itself around every hallway, is there enough time and resources for at least one of them to make it out alive?

Sean Astin (“The Strain,” the Lord of the Rings trilogy) and daughter Ali Astin (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King), Gina Gershon (Killer Joe, Showgirls, Bound), Drake Bell (Nickelodeon’s “Drake & Josh”), and Sufe Bradshaw (HBO’s “Veep”) have signed on to join Sammi Hanratty (WGN America’s “Salem”) in Bad Kids Go 2 Hell, the latest chapter in the cult dark comedy-horror franchise Bad Kids Go To Hell. The announcement was made today by the producers of the Bad Kids film franchise, James R. Hallam, Barry Wernick and Brad Keller. The film is based on the best-selling graphic novel and has developed a tremendous cult following.

BGKTH veteran Ben Browder (Farscape, Stargate, “Arrow”), who played “Max” in the original film, makes his feature directorial debut on BKG2H, as well as reprises his role for the sequel. The film reunites Sean Astin with his daughter, last seen together on-screen in Return of the King. Hanratty, in the starring role, leads an ensemble cast of “Bad Kids” comprised of young rising stars Colby Arps (the upcoming Men, Women & Children), Sophia Taylor Ali (“Tyrant” and the upcoming Walking with the Dead), Matthew Frias (When the Game Stands Tall), and Erika Daly.

The film, which was written by Barry Wernick and based on the comic book series created by Wernick and Matthew Spradlin, is currently in production in Texas and is expected to be released in Summer 2015. Additional plot details are being kept under wraps, but fans of the first film in the franchise should expect a lot of fun twists and turns."


Find Me Trailer and Release Details: "Find Me tells the story of newlyweds Emily and Tim as they settle into a small farm house in Emily’s childhood hometown. Before the boxes can even be unpacked, the couple realizes that there are strange occurrences happening in the house that were not disclosed by the real estate agent. At first more curious than scared, Tim, Emily and Emily’s childhood friend Claire, embark on finding out who or what is haunting their house. As clues to a dark history of not only the house, but to Emily’s past begin to unfold, what began as a series unusual paranormal episodes, soon morphs into violent acts, and the couple find themselves at the mercy of a vengeful spirit."

Find Me was directed by Andy Palmer and stars Kathryn Lyn, Cameron Bender, Rachelle Dimaria, and Carlos Alazraqui. The film was produced by Warner Davis, Andy Palmer, Kathryn Lyn, Cameron Bender, and Levi Ellsworth.

For more information on this film, visit the official website: or over on Facebook at:


First Details on Abruptio: "Sweet Home Films is early into production on their next Horror/Thriller feature film 'Abruptio'.

A surreal story written and to be directed by the award winning director Evan Marlowe. 'Abruptio' lends itself to the styles of "Mullholland Drive" and "Momento", taking the audience on a wild, crazy and monstrous ride.

The production company is currently working on the casting for the voices of the main characters, as this film will be performed entirely by puppets. Yes puppets, not the Jim Henson 'Muppet' kind, but more bordering on realism for some and fantasy for others.

The puppet designer and creator Janine Hook, is a UK based fabricator and designer and has been working closely with Evan to design these unusual characters. Especially the ones that can smashed, beaten and blown up.

Locations in and around LA have already been sourced and the film looks set to be something never been seen or done before.

Filming is scheduled for Spring 2015."

To learn more, visit:


Dead Trigger 2 Gameplay Details and Trailer: "Dead Trigger 2 is a first person zombie shooter arcade game that delivers players to a parallel world, where humanity is engaged in a battle against zombies for control of the Earth. The reality of this worldwide apocalyptic conflict is underlined by the fact that the game is played out in real time.

Dead Trigger 2 is released in Free-to-play format for both iOS and Android devices. As well there is Facebook and Amazon support.

Long expected and rich tournament update is here, have no fear.

Developed by MADFINGER Games, a.s. Rated 12+ for the following: Frequent/Intense Cartoon or Fantasy Violence, Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence, Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes, and Frequent/Intense Horror/Fear Themes."

For more information on this game, or to purchase it, go to: iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play


Howard Lovecraft & the Three Kingdoms Hardback Graphic Novel Release Details: "One of Arcana's most popular series to date has got to be the wonderful all ages Howard Lovecraft books by Bruce Brown.

Selling out at conventions, frequently being re-ordered by Diamond and Amazon, and also in the pre-production stages of animation we are excited to bring the readers a hardcover collection of the three titles; Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom, Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom, and Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness.

Hidden away from the world is a dangerous book filled with forbidden knowledge. For ages, the mere possession of the book has driven men to madness. On Christmas Eve, the unthinkable happens; the book is placed in the hands of a child. Unaware of its dangers, Howard Lovecraft opens the book and speaks aloud its forbidden knowledge. Join Howard and his elder god companion Spot as they enter three kingdoms of terrifying creatures and monstrous villains all seeking to gain possession of Howard's book.

To celebrate HP Lovecraft's August 20th birthday, we thought this would be a great month to start our exciting new Kickstarter campaign!"

For more information on this hardcover collection, visit:


First Five Minutes of Sonno Profondo (Deep Sleep): "After killing a young woman, a murderer traumatized by memories of his childhood receives a mysterious envelope under his door. The hunter becomes prey when he discovers that the envelope contains photographs of him killing her.

BrinkVision is releasing Sonno Profondo August 26th on Limited Edition DVD, and September 23rd on VHS. The VHS is strictly limited to 200 copies on a red VHS collector's tape, and will include some great vintage extras.

Sonno Profondo is the critcially acclaimed, award winning film that brings Giallo back using some of the best 70's horror style filmmaking. Critics have called it “a demented piece of art; a fascinating cinematic experience”, “hypnotic, unsettling, disturbing” and “Sonno Profondo resurrects Giallo”.


Under the Comic Covers Episode Details: "Things get funky and very, very adult in this episode of Under the Comic Covers. We start off rather tame with our coverage of The Walking Dead... zombies, new communities, and a baby. But things take a turn for the blue once we start in with Sex Criminals, so be forewarned, that segment is not for the more innocent listeners we may have... and if that isn't enticing, I don't know what would be. Now with 69% more porn music than before! In addition to the debauchery and good times to be found in this episode we also take a deep dive into the UtCC Mail Sack and answer our listener mail as well as another installment of What's Rachael Reading?

Download and subscribe to this podcast in iTunes. We can also be found on the Stitcher Radio app for both iPhone and Android users. Look for us on Facebook."

To learn more about this episode, or Under the Comic Covers, visit:


Full Length Trauma Dolls Details and Trailer: "After a tragic event results in a close brush with death, Bijou, a brilliant girl who's constantly rejected by others, changes into the darkest part of herself to suddenly take on the world. Trauma Dolls is an horrifico, glamour slasher that takes place in the worlds of fashion and neuroscience in Paris.

International Supermodel Patricia Schmid stars as Bijou, the incandescent and dangerous Ex dancer prodigy brutally rejected, now the number one top model!

Thanks to the possibility that IndieGoGo gives us to reach different audiences, the Trauma Dolls team is happy to seize the great opportunity afforded by the platform to present its project for a feature film so that it might exist, collect money that will be used to shoot the movie and interest a production company, as well as other sources of financing."

To find out more ways in which to support this film's progress, go to: To watch the trailer, visit:


Devoured Release Details and Trailer: "Immigrant mother (Marta Milans, Killer Women, Mala Hierba) works as a cleaning woman at an old New York City restaurant in order to make enough money to pay for her sick son’s operation. With no friends or family, she lives a lonely, desperate existence, saving every penny and sending it home for her son. As his condition worsens malevolent forces living within the walls of the restaurant begin to torment her. She struggles to escape, and return to her son before the evil within the dark walls drives her completely mad.

Gravitas Ventures will be releasing Devoured on VOD on September 2, 2014. Directed by Greg Olliver and written by Marc Landau, the film stars Marta Milans, Kara Jackson, Bruno Gunn, and Tyler Hollinger."


We Go On Production and Casting Details: "We Go On is a modern-day ghost story about a man’s search for proof of the afterlife and the shocking evidence that he uncovers. Determined to overcome his life-long fear of death, Miles Grissom purchases an ad in the local paper offering $30,000 to anyone who can provide proof that the afterlife exists. Miles’ protective mother, Charlotte, joins him on his quest as he filters through thousands of responses and finds three viable candidates: a science professor, a local medium working in a Mexican Restaurant, and a worldly entrepreneur. Miles and Charlotte’s complex relationship, mysterious family history, and shared compulsion to probe life’s dark edges propel them into a life-threatening nightmare. After confronting fakers and con-artists, Miles comes face to face with the proof he was looking for. But his joyride to the other side turns hellish as he discovers the hard way that ghosts, once found, aren’t easily lost. Nightmare visions turn Miles against his mother, and as the haunting becomes unbearable, he must choose between living in hell and committing an unforgivable sin.

Untethered Films has announced that Annette O’Toole (Smallville, Superman III, Stephen King’s IT) and John Glover (Smallville, Gremlins 2) will co-star in We Go On, the second feature film from YellowBrickRoad creators Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton, who are writing and directing the new project. Rounding out the main cast are Clark Freeman, Laura Heisler and Mexican actress Giovanna Zacarias (The Legend of Zorro). The producers are Irina Popov, Richard W. King and Logan Brown. Principal photography is scheduled to begin in Los Angeles next week.

The filmmakers are excited to shoot in Los Angeles. The real-life ghost town of Surfridge, near LAX, piqued the writers’ interest as a mysterious and unexplored piece of Los Angeles history that they could draw upon. Andy Mitton explains his fascination: “The earliest Hollywood stars made this place their beach paradise in the 1920s, until the neighboring airport grew huge and roaring jets and dripping fuel chased them all away. Now, the streetlights still go on at night, but no one’s home. We couldn't believe we have both lived in LA for over a decade and never heard of the place. And then we saw it, flying in on an airplane, out the window. Just a scary, empty, uncared-for little grid – perfect for our ghost story.”"


Details on Short Film, Succubus: "Short film "Succubus" has run it's course over a large number of film festivals worldwide and is now available for free viewing, courtesy of the filmsite "Ekko's Shortlist".

"Succubus" is directed by actor Kim Sønderholm, written by Lars Egholm Fischmann, produced by Jan T. Jensen with cinematography by Allan Vælum. The movie is decided to the cinematographer who regretfully died very sudden only two weeks after completing the photography of the film. The score is by UK filmmaker Rusty Apper while the awesome creature make-up is by Anders Lerche under his company Far Out Effects. Lerche had just finished his work on ""Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" before completing this assignment.

The movie stars Kat Herlo as Emma, with supporting actors Nadia Bond, Miriam Yeager, Lars Bjarke, Michael Larsen, Steen Jaszczak and the director himself, Kim Sønderholm (Escaping the Dead, Sinister Visions).

The movie is English language, produced in Denmark hence Danish subtitles. Running time is 18 minutes, and not suitable for young children - and not safe for work."

To watch the short in its entirety, go to:


Decide Your Fate - Project Z First Details: "Decide Your Fate - Project Z, a choose-your-own-adventure-style book that features the same fun you had when you were a kid, but with all of the grit, violence, and tension you've come to expect from zombie stories. The difference is that you get to choose whether you are the world's savior, a survivor getting by, a coward hidden away, or just another victim in the probable end of humanity.

You distinctly remember when you went to sleep last night. The world was a little boring. Your significant other called to tell you that they love you and to have a nice night. Everything was mundane, pleasant, just as you expected it to be. But the world you went asleep in is not the world in which you woke.

Waking up late can throw anyone off their game, but why didn't your alarm go off? Was there a power surge? As you get out of bed, rushing to get ready, you are struck by the sounds of your town. They aren't right. A town sings a song and yours seems off key. Helicopters? More sirens than you're used to? What the hell is going on!?

Finally, you turn on the radio but what it's saying can't be true. The dead rising? Vicious infections? Thousands of dead? You have to get out of here...or is that a horrible idea? Maybe you are the answer to this problem, but maybe you are just another undead and just don't know it yet...the choice will be yours with tons of endings, exceptional ways to die, and perhaps even a way out of this mess."

To find out more on Decide Your Fate - Project Z, visit:


The Creepy Doll Release Details: "From the story, Kate (Kristine Renee Farley) is an expectant mother. Kate and her husband, Jason (Justin Veazey) decide to move back into a rural Kentucky town, to settle down and start a family. Their furnishings come shortly thereafter and a strange doll collection is the centerpiece of their new home. However, this doll collection brings along many old memories and even a few secrets. Now, Jason is the focus of jealousy and rage.

Big Biting Pig Productions has recently released their horror title The Creepy Doll on Amazon’s VOD platform, Amazon Prime. The film involves a newly wedded couple, jealousy and a strange doll collection, with one creepy doll standing out, in particular. The doll seems to take influence over Kate when she becomes suspicious of her husband’s interactions with a beautiful woman. The Creepy Doll is now available for fans of horror, on several video-on-demand formats.

Director/writer: P.J. Woodside. Cast: Kristine Renee Farley, Justin Veazey, Jessica Dockrey, Jason Carraway and Steve Hudgins."

For more information, or to stream this film, go to:


The Ride First Details: "'The Ride' takes this true tale from the pages of my life, and mixes it up with a comedic horror twist to create something more than just a tense ride to work.

Greg is a young man much like myself at that age who works at a job that he hates, and to which he is perpetually tardy. Terrified of being fired and having to move back in with his parents, he understandably freaks out when he misses his bus to work one morning.

Encountering Al, a braces wearing Espresso machine salesman, and author of the 'Six Point Plan For Success, Happiness, and Spiritual Enlightenment', he finds a solution when a ride to work is offered.

But all is not as it seems, and Greg begins to believe that his life is in danger, which he visualizes in a series of darkly humorous and paranoid flights of fancy, which not only show a funhouse mirror to the situation, but also reveal much about himself in the process.

The Ride ends up as many things: a comedy, a horror film, a twisted buddy picture, and a character study. And because it's a story ripped right out of the pages of my life, I think it will resonate with more depth than my previous work has allowed. It's a step forward in my work that I'm really excited about, while still retaining many elements from my past movies including social satire, surrealism, and gallows humor."

The Ride was written and directed by Waylon Bacon. FX by Adrian Marcato and cinematography by Brian Bon.

To find out ways to support this film's progress, go to:


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