Indie Spotlight

2012/05/05 16:36:41 UTC

We're back with the latest installment of the Indie Spotlight. We have so much to cover that this will be the first of two spotlight features this weekend. Today's items include information on Zombie Dawn's theatrical run, a heavy metal cruise, an interview with Elina Madison, and more:

Updated Theater List for Zombie Dawn: New dates and locations have been announced for Zombie Dawn in Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and others cities across the country.

"ZOMBIE DAWN is an action horror Spanish language film that has won praise for its presentation and kudos for the film makers in assembling such a feature while working with only a micro budget."

For screening details, visit:

Terror of Dracula: The independent horror film Terror of Dracula is now available on DVD, but there are a couple of upcoming screenings. The film plays tonight at The Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa, Canada and will also screen on June 14 in Whitby, UK.

"Taking a radical departure from what seems to have been the general consensus, filmmaker/writer Anthony DP Mann has gone back to the roots of the legend and returned to the source material to give the noble Prince of Darkness his true original pedigree and prestige. The iconic Transylvanian vampire count, at last, reconnects with his animal instinct again, wreaking havoc and spreading terror throughout the film, 'Terror of Dracula'."

For more information, visit:

Mayhem Festival Cruise: The first annual Mayhem Festival Cruise has been announced, featuring Lamb of God, Machine Head, Anthrax, Suicide Silence, Hatebreed, and Kingdom of Sorrow:

"From the creators of the country’s largest touring heavy music festival experience and presented in conjunction with Hal Roseman of Rose Tours comes the first annual MAYHEM FESTIVAL CRUISE, taking place aboard the Carnival Imagination! The maiden voyage of the most crushing cruise on Earth sets sail on Friday, December 7, 2012 from the Port of Miami, FL and travels to the Bahamas, returning to the mainland on Monday, December 10th."

For more information, visit:

With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story: "With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story explores the vivid life and imagination of Stan Lee, the 89-year-old comic book legend who co-created over 500 legendary pop culture characters including Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Iron Man, Thor and The Hulk.

Featuring interviews with both fans and colleagues including Kevin Smith, Patrick Stewart, Samuel L. Jackson, and Eva Mendes, With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story is the great tale of one man’s determination to tell incredible stories that have enchanted the world for over 40 years."

Beginning May 8th, the film will be available on Movies On Demand, iTunes, Amazon and other on-demand services. For more information, visit:

Gothic Blue Book: "A collection of short stories and poems resurrect the spirit of the Gothic Blue Book. Gothic Blue Books were short fictions popular in the 18th and 19th century. They were descendants of the chap book trade. Burial Day Books presents its first Gothic Blue Book, The Haunted Edition. The following twelve short stories and two poems honor the Gothic story. Misery, fear, despair, regret and dread are highlighted in the following pages, stirring old ghosts, witches, and awakening death. The following collection of new and established horror authors weave together brilliant tales of terror celebrating the history of the Gothic story with a new twist."

Authors are currently being sought for the next edition of the Gothic Blue Book. For more information, visit:

The Hospital: Allied Horror has revealed their latest project, titled The Hospital:

"THE HOSPITAL mixes the paranormal and slasher genres and can best be described as Saw meets Hostel meets Paranormal Activity meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The project is being filmed in actual haunted locations this summer in East Tennessee and the filmmakers are almost guaranteed to capture real paranormal activity while they are shooting their scripted paranormal events. It’s up to the audience to decide what is real and what isn’t. Be warned, though … THE HOSPITAL is a brutal, bloody, and graphic film that is designed to cross boundaries and is sure to generate controversy."

The movie begins filming in August and will star John Dugan (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Scott Tepperman (Ghost Hunters International), Jim O’Rear (The Dead Matter), and Daniel Emery Taylor (Return Of The Swamp Thing). For more information, visit:


Interview with Elina Madison

Elina Madison will be appearing this weekend at Texas Frightmare Weekend for a screening of Huff. The movie stars Charlie O’Connell and is a dark adaptation of The Three Little Pigs. I had a chance to ask Elina about her role in the film, her love of horror, and upcoming projects:

Thank you for taking the time to talk with Daily Dead, Elina. Can you tell our readers a little bit about your work recent work as an actress?

Thank you! My recent work include the feature film HUFF, Halloween Party, Kalice's Bountys. In HUFF I play the self sacrificing Lorelei--wife of Huff. It has so many twists and turns to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. It is premiering at the Texas Frightmare Festival on May 5th at 6pm. I just shot a pilot called "Kalice's Bountys." I play Kalice and my partner and I chase down aliens and kill them, it's a cross between horror and SYFY.

Why are you drawn to horror roles in particular?

Horror films are so much fun! You would think the opposite given the content, but you get to play these insane, crazy characters in outrageous situations and walk away from set to your 'normal' life.

One of your most recent films is Huff, which is premiering at Texas Frightmare Weekend. How did you become involved with this project?

Yes ! It's very exciting. I became involved when I auditioned and went to the callback and read with Charlie O'Connell. I knew instantly that he was Huff.

What can you tell us about your character?

Poor Lorelei. She's such a mess. Self absorbed in a horribly abusive marriage and realizes the error of her ways much too late and pays the ultimate price.

What in particular did you enjoy about the making of this movie?

All the elements are there. Great cast, great crew. The director Paul Morrell is amazing. He is quiet and mysterious and knows exactly what he is looking for and he is on my list of up and coming directors. I have to mention Royce Dudley. He is a fantastic cinematographer. I have worked with him several times and consider him not only a colleague but a friend as well.

Were there heavy special effects make-up required for any of the scenes you were in?

Nothing too crazy--except for one scene in particular that you will have to see HUFF to experience firsthand!

What was your experience like working with Charlie O'Connell?

Working with Charlie was great. He is such a pro. My character Lorelei is his wife and I went in trying not to like him to stay in character but he has such a dynamic personality he won me over.

He's in a quite different role than he usually takes.

I understand that Clint Howard is in the film. Did you spend any time working with him?

Yes, Clint Howard is in it and I was disappointed that I didn't work with him. I did come early to set one day to watch him work. He's such a talented actor.

From watching the trailer, the film appears to be pretty graphic. Do you enjoy watching these types of movies in general?

There are some graphic scenes. They were hard to film and hard to read in the script and that makes for the reality of the terrible situation that Lorelei and her daughters are in. I enjoy watching the honesty in movies as in life and at times it's very light and filled with beauty, sometimes in between and other times it's brutal.

What are some of your favorite horror movies?

To me "The Exorcist" is the all time scariest movie ever. Not sure if that counts as a favorite but there must be some part of me that loves how unbelievably chilled to the bone I get when I see it or hear the music or see some reference to it on TV. It gets me every time.

Can you tell us about any of your upcoming horror-related projects?

I just signed on to play Dracula's wife in "Creep Creepersins Dracula." Very excited as I love the vampires!!


To learn more about tonight's showing at Texas Frightmare Weekend, visit:

We've included the Huff trailer below and you can visit the official website at: