Indie Spotlight

2012/05/13 19:17:32 UTC

We're back with the latest Indie Spotlight. This weekend's feature includes plenty of zombies, Area 51, a creepy clown, and The Walking Dead bowling.

Area 51 Confidential Trailer: A new trailer for the found footage film Area 51 Confidential has just been released.

"Presented under the guise of a "military training video for new hires at the facility known as Area 51", we follow the plight of a handful of individuals - a broadcast journalist, a documentarian, a teenage girl from Roswell, an army Colonel, and a man who had previously been thought "missing" for a number of years - as they awaken in the desert area surrounding Area 51.

With no knowledge of how they arrived there, they must sort out their differences and find a way out - before strange lurking creatures find them first.

The film was directed and written by Brandon Slagle (Argo, 2012: Ice Age), who stars alongside Adrian Quihis (1000 Ways to Die), Devanny Pinn (Nude Nuns With Big Guns), Wolfgang Meyer (Disciples, Cut), Angie Johnson (Fantasy Factory), Tawny Amber Young, and Matthew Landon."

The Midnight Hour: "A creepy clown appears from the shadows of a child's bedroom and slowly approaches the sleeping child's bed. Withdrawing a large and very sharp knife from her insanely cheerful costume, she awakens the tot and reveals that mommy and daddy have been permanently dispatched...and guess who's next?

Such is the opening sequence of "Scream! Scream, Little Sara!" the latest episode of the cult TV series "Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour." Airing throught the month of May, 2012, the episode is in fact a sequel to the series' season three finale last year, "Penny Pockets."

Actress Lisa Mueller reprises her role as the homicidal clown, happily dismembering corpses while hiding out in the home of her latest victim. An unexpected phone call from beyond the grave sets the story in motion and what follows is a delightfully offbeat ride for horror fans and coulrophobics everywhere."

To watch the trailer, visit:

Hack Job: "James and Mike are tired of art films taking away the credit that horror films deserve. So, they get a script from the devil to make the best horror film ever. The script has three stories in it. The first is about Nazis that awaken a mummy's curse. The second tale is about an alien that crashes a battle of the bands and then starts eating the contestants, and the last story is about a man who gets possessed to kill will never guess who possessed him. Find out this and more in Horror/Comedy HACK JOB!"

To learn more about Hack Job and to watch a trailer for the film, visit the official website at:

The Walking Dead Bowling: Want to see Robert Kirkman, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan and Scott Wilson bowling against team Nerdist? Check out the Celebrity All Star Bowling video below:

Chronicles of the Dead: A teaser trailer has been released for the upcoming zombie webseries Chronicles of the Dead.

"Chronicles of the Dead documents the experiences of three friends caught off guard by a zombie apocalypse. After barricading themselves inside, the group learns more of the growing terror outdoors and sees the true destructive capabilities of the living dead firsthand. Using their film and literary zombie knowledge, they prepare themselves as best they can to survive in this gruesome nightmare of a world."

Watch the teaser trailer at:

Blood Rituals Released: "Dark fantasy art fans and gamers alike will rejoice at today’s release of veteran fantasy illustrator Tom Baxa’s new art book Blood Rituals: The Art of Tom Baxa. Baxa’s art for notable games like Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft tcg, Darksun, L5R, Shadowrun, miniatures and more has been in high demand for years, and is available now for the first time in this one comprehensive collection.

Blood Rituals: The Art of Tom Baxa highlights this master illustrator’s work and shows an impressive and inspiring range of inventiveness. His creature designs are intriguing and spark the imagination, compelling viewers to ponder the character’s culture, influences, and all too often, tortured lives. Gruesome monsters with gnarled flesh are ripped and scarred until any semblance of normalcy is eradicated and a new form of wretchedness is unleashed. Baxa’s range shines through with additional sections on his Wicked Fairies® characters, his short stories, sketches and evocative personal work."

Blood Rituals: The Art of Tom Baxa is available through Diamond Distributors at comic and game shops everywhere, or by contacting the Comic Shop Locator Service at 1-888-266- 4226 or

Clip from Haunted Poland: From director Pau Masó, Haunted Poland is a found footage horror film and a new clip has just been released.

"Haunted Poland depicts the contents of recorded tape filmed by a couple who visited Poland to meet and visit family. However, our duo soon find themselves disturbed by all manner of strange phenomena upon visiting the girl's hometown where she once played with a Ouija board."

To watch the clip, visit:

We Are What We Eat: Directed by a 16 year Sam Toller, We Are What We Eat is a British zombie short film shot in 2 days with 5 make up artists, 6 locations and 27 zombie extras. They are in currently screening the film at various festivals and we have it here for you to watch:

"Nicole is bitten by her zombie boyfriend... Or is she? We follow as she descends into a waking nightmare that will end her life as she knows it. We Are What We Eat is the debut film of Sam Toller, a 16 year old North Londoner. Expect teenage angst, eviscerated intestines and the walking dead!"