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2012/12/23 18:53:20 UTC by Tamika Jones

Jason-Deli-BoxThis edition of Indie Spotlight is filled with slashers, zombies, and more of the latest independent horror news sent our way. Continue reading for girls fighting slasher villains in Slasher Squad, release details for Cell Count, and multiple trailers:

First Details on Slasher Squad: "SLASHER SQUAD is an 8 minute, action-horror short film about a team of sexy and deadly women who hunt slasher villains by using themselves as bait. Think of a darker CHARLIE'S ANGELS meets FRIDAY THE 13TH, inspired by the likes of BUFFY, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and even SCOOBY DOO. It’s not a comedy but has a wicked sense of humour, playing with the conventions of the genre alongside films like Wes Craven’s SCREAM and Joss Whedon’s recent CABIN IN THE WOODS.

It’s a genre mashup of horror and action, taking place in a larger-than-life world. A place where sexy, kick-ass heroines battle terrifying villains. Where classic movie killers like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers lurk in the shadows of every town. Someone needs to protect the innocent from these monsters, and that someone is a team of gorgeous, dangerous and slightly twisted women known as the SLASHER SQUAD."

To keep up with Slasher Squad's development progress, visit:


The Dead Matter: "A guilt-ridden young woman, desperate to contact her deceased brother, discovers a powerful ancient relic that can control the dead. Her dark obsession drags her into the tangled world of two warring vampire lords (Andrew Divoff of Lost, Wishmaster and Tom Savini of Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead), each with his own sinister plans for the artifact and a hunter (Jason Carter of Babylon 5) who will stop at nothing to destroy it."

For more information, watch the trailer below or visit:


Life, with Zombies is Now Available: "Life, with Zombies is a sitcom about 7 people living in a house during a zombie apocalypse. It's sort of like Gilligan's Island, only with zombies."

Life, with Zombies stars, Gary Rolin, Michael Perrick, Jennifer Losi, Perry Daniels, Julia Carpenter, Tim Sands, Robbie Henke, and Clint Howard as Sgt. Rex Spanner. To watch all six episodes, go to:


Jason's Deli: T-Shirt Bordello is now offering a fun Friday the 13th-inspired shirt, named Jason's Deli.

"We are proud to serve our Jason's Old Fashioned Deli T-Shirt. Jason's Deli "Serving the best cuts since 1980". It's 100% cotton and in stock now!"

For more information, visit:

Jasons Deli

Cell Count VOD Release Details: "Cell Count is the story of Russell who “reluctantly admits his wife Sadie into an experimental treatment facility for her life threatening disease. While locked in this prison like surrounding they, along with 6 others, are unknowingly subjected to a cure that might just be worse than the disease itself.”

FilmBuff has come on board to digitally distribute Cell Count from filmmaker Todd E. Freeman (Two Fisted and Pray for Hell), starring Robert McKeehen ("Leverage"), Haley Talbot ("Grimm"), Ted Rooney ("Boardwalk Empire"), and Daniel Baldwin (Grey Gardens).

The film is available now on Amazon Instant, PS3, Xbox, VUDU, YouTube, and CinemaNow. It will be available on iTunes before the end of the year."

For more information on Cell Count, visit the film's official website at:


The Mulbury Project: "The Mulbury Project' is a movie and comic series being developed by the the creative team of writers Martin Brennan, Michael B Jackson and director Richie Smyth, with the support of the Irish Film Board, and Northern Ireland Screen. "

Synopsis: "In the aftermath of an alien invasion, an orphan boy braves the disease ridden landscape to help a young girl find her way home and hide from the ruthless corporation that is chasing her."

To learn more, visit:


The Phoenix Project: "The Phoenix Project is a film that explores the motivations and ethical boundaries of the human mind. It chronicles the research of four scientists as they craft a machine to reanimate deceased organisms. As the project develops, the machine exceeds their expectations, creating possibilities that they all hoped for, but yielding problems that only some could predict. With dwindling resources, the crew must contain their ulterior motives in order to realize the daunting task ahead of them: bringing the dead back to life."

The Phoenix Project was directed by Tyler Pavey and stars Corey Rieger, Andy Simpson, David Pesta, and Orson Ossman. For more information on this film, visit:


End Storm: "End Storm is a horror novel that tells the story of a family separated following a mysterious and devastating event.

Robert McEwan works in a central London skyscraper, and watches in amazement at the scenes of mayhem unfolding on the ground. His first thought is to reach his family.

Emma McEwan and five-year-old Steven are caught up in the chaos. They rush to get home, only to find that their journey is far from over.

As they struggle to survive and reunite in the brutal new world, they find that the places they once knew are no longer safe, and many of the people they encounter are utterly, catastrophically transformed."

For more information on the author, Maz Marik, or to purchase End Storm, go to:


Teaser Trailer for The Pyramid: "Written by Alex Visani and Raffaele Ottolenghi and produced by Empire Video, the movie is an anthological horror divided into four episodes strictly connected to an infernal object: a bizarre pyramid that came into our world to spread madness, death and destruction. Along the centuries the pyramid was the focus of terrible happenings and we found it again nowadays left on the desk of a fair abandoned like an useless toy.

Found by chance by an unfortunate guy; the pyramid opens the door to a series of terrible and unstoppable events which will lead human race to the verge of extinction.

Unanimated objects coming to life, demonic possessions, monstrous creatures, living deads, portals, pestilence and catastrophic events: that’s what you’ll find in THE PYRAMID."

To watch the teaser trailer for The Pyramid, go to:

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