Indie Spotlight

2012/12/02 18:42:33 UTC by Tamika Jones

Tamika returns with a new edition of Indie Spotlight, bringing you the latest indie news sent our way. Today's feature includes details on a stage production of Night of the Living Dead, information on the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, and we're also giving readers a chance to win the 2013 Ghoul Girls Calendar:

Night of the Living Dead Live in 2013: "Nictophobia Films is bringing this cinematic masterpiece to the stage inspring 2013 like you have never seen before. Just like the film, the stage production will be presented entirely in black and white, from the set design right to the actors. The performance will be audience interactive as live zombies walk through the aisles. Measures have been taken to maintain a PG rating so that a younger audience can also experience this fun and amazing production. At the end of the show everyone in the room will know what it feels like to experience a night with the living dead!"

Night of the Living Dead Live is expected to run in Toronto from April to May 2013. A stop in Pittsburgh is planned for October 2013 in celebration of the 45th anniversary of the film. Ticket information has not yet been released, but we'll have more details as soon as they become available. Until then, take a look at some photos taken from their recent visit to Pittsburgh:


2013 Ghoul Girls Horror Calendar: "Ghoul Girls is an enticing display of horror photography. Bringing together some of the most unique models and classic monsters in a tantalizing twist on the horror genre. We take beautiful woman and make them into beautiful monsters.

Models meet monsters in a different rendition of classic and modern pin-up which will leave you wanting more. The goal was to create a niche within the horror genre with a twist that would not only be entertaining, but also a tribute to our favorite things. We give long time and new models exposure in a high traffic/non-exclusive setting that is fun for all involved."

The 2013 calendar is now available, featuring 13 models. We've included some images below and you can learn more at:

To purchase the calendar or for more details, visit:

We also have one copy of the calendar to give away. To enter, all you have to do is send an email to with your name, mailing address, and the subject line: "Ghoul Girls Contest"


Virginia Obscura Begins Filming: "At the heart of most slasher films, there’s a bunch of sex-crazed teenagers getting drunk and wild, but what if a masked killer doesn’t crash the party? Instead what if, 20 years later, their darkest sins are suddenly exposed… and punished.

This is the story of a young woman’s embittered search for her birth father, after being conceived at one of those drunken parties. Her mother shamefully revealed the names of four men on her deathbed – these potential fathers awaken in a secluded farmhouse, kidnapped by the “daughter” they never knew existed."

Virginia Obscura is directed by Toby Osborne and stars Matt Mitler, Ken Abraham, Linnea Quigley, Jessica Cameron (Silent Night) and Christopher Marrone.


Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival 2012 Information: "Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival begins Dec 3rd- 12th 2012 with new events, celebrities & discounts just added! HRIFF begins Dec 3rd with Dominic Purcell, Eric Roberts, Edward Furlong and Uwe Boll in person for the Premiere of Bailout: The Age of Greed. Bailout’s Red Carpet Event starts at 7:00 pm w/ Q&A.

HRIFF is proud to screen Don Hertzfeldt’s latest film It’s Such A Beautiful Day; new work from Bryce Dallas Howard & Ron Howard; the MST3K hit Manos: The Hands of Fate’s Premiere HD restoration (with cast member Jackey Raye Neyman-Jones in attendance); an unseen early James Franco short film; and the unveiling of World Premiere restorations in our “1960s and 1970s Films of Tinto Brass Retrospective” that feature Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero and have not screened in 30 years, now with new & restored archival footage from Tinto Brass."

For more information about the festival and purchasing tickets, visit:


Ninjas vs. Monsters Screening Details: "The first Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival is pleased to announce that they will host the New York premiere of Justin Timpane's Ninjas vs. Monsters, the concluding chapter of the Ninjas trilogy. The film will screen on Saturday, December 8th at 11 pm at IndieScreen in Brooklyn. 

Tired of being thwarted by the heroic ninjas, Dracula hatches an evil scheme to erase them from existence. Aided by Frankenstein, the mummy, the wolf, and a trio of deadly, sexy witches, Dracula challenges the ninjas to combat for the right to have ever existed.

The ninjas, in their darkest hour, form alliances with former enemies and a band of Monster-Hunting Mercenaries led by the mysterious Masero and the beautiful Step. As simple combat erupts into all out war, the Ninjas battle monsters for the fate of the world in this smart, funny, bloody and exciting Action/Horror/Comedy from the creators of Ninjas vs Zombies and Ninjas vs. Vampires."

To watch the trailer for Ninjas vs. Monsters, visit:


Reboot Release Details: “Set within a dystopian world that is a collision between technology and humanity, “Reboot” touches upon many of the current social and political concerns that arise from becoming more and more intertwined with the virtual.

In contemporary Los Angeles, a young female hacker (Stat) awakens from unconsciousness to find an iPhone glued to her hand and a mysterious countdown ticking away on the display. Suffering from head trauma, and with little recollection of who she is or what is happening, Stat races against time to figure out what the code means, and what unknown event the pending zero-hour will bring.”

Reboot will be released on 12-12-12 and will be available through the film's official website at:


Galaxy Timelapse: Although not horror related, this was sent our way and we thought it was cool enough to share with our readers. Check out this galaxy timelapse video below from Sunchaser Pictures, whose Devolution: Reckoning short film we covered in a previous indie spotlight.

"The journey continues with a new entry in the popular Sunchaser Pictures Joshua Tree timelapse series. Previous chapters featured in numerous publications, including Universe Today, The Atlantic, Huffington Post, Daily Beast, and Sierra Magazine.

The night started with some epic cloud cover and rain, but the storm washed away, leaving some of the clearest skies we've ever seen. Used Canon 7D and Canon 5D, with a 24mm/1.4 lens and a 28mm/1.8. Most exposures 25 seconds, except the 1st (30 sec)."