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2013/01/13 18:47:28 UTC by Tamika Jones

Yellow-BoxThe latest edition of the Indie Spotlight contains all of the recent independent horror news sent our way. This week's feature includes a new trailer for Girls Against Boys, first photos from Slamdance films Ghost Team One and Jug Face, a review of Bradley Scott Sullivan's I Didn't Come Here to Die, and much more:

New Trailer for Girls Against Boys: "When Shae (Danielle Panabaker), a naïve college student, is tormented by several men in a matter of days, she reaches her breaking point, and is drawn into coworker Lu’s (Nicole LaLiberte) twisted plan for revenge. Together, the two embark on a gruesome killing spree, terrorizing and brutally murdering not just their attackers, but any man who gets in their way. However, after a wild weekend of retaliation, the friendship between the girls shifts into a dangerous obsession, and their perverse game becomes a desperate struggle for Shae to maintain control against Lu’s deadly and seductive influence."

Girls Against Boys opens in theaters on February 1, 2013.


Blood for Irina Screening at New York's Times Scare: "A dying predator (Shauna Henry) stalks the streets at night looking for blood. She has lived over a century; tormented by painful memories, living in a run-down seaside motel. Her perceptions skewed, her body and mind revolting against her, her private hell is mirrored by the motel’s manager, driven by an obsession to protect Irina and keep her secrets safe. A broken prostitute (Carrie Gemmell) whose desperate plight may be worse than Irina's, also haunts the water’s edge. An immersive, minimalist tale of three people living on the fringe, trapped in literal and figurative decay.

BLOOD FOR IRINA, an experimental dialogue-free “fever dream,” heavily influenced by the sensual works of EuroHorror directors Jean Rollin and Jess Franco, written, directed, co-shot, edited and scored by writer and FANGORIA magazine editor Chris Alexander, has its New York premiere Tuesday, January 29th, at 9 pm at Manhattan's Times Scare."


First Photos from Ghost Team One: "In order to impress a girl, two roommates set out to make a documentary about a murder that took place in their house decades ago. The girl thinks that the victim's ghost still resides there, and the two guys think that making a movie with her will get them laid. But after setting cameras up around the house, the legitimately supernatural occurrences that follow make it apparent that the ghost is not only real, but that she’s a vengeful Vietnamese madame from the 1930’s that’s become smitten with our guys. A subversive, comedic take on the found footage genre.
'Paranormal Activity' meets 'Harold and Kumar'."

Slamdance 2013 contender, Ghost Team One, was directed by Scott Rutherford and Ben Peyser. The film stars Carlos Santos, Craig Stott, Fernanda Romero, J.R. Villarreal, James Babson, Meghan Falcone, Scott MacArthur and Tony Cavalero. For more information on the film or how to purchase tickets to Slamdance, visit:


Voices from the Grave Details: "From filmmakers Richard Stoudt and Laurence Holloway and master horror writer Gary Brandner, author of 'The Howling', comes a terrifying film experience called "Voices from the Grave'. A trio of horrors that will make your flesh creep and your heart palpitate.

Deadly spirits, vengeful and maliciously spiteful give fuel to these tales of supernatural terrors. 'Invitation', based on a short story by Gary Brandner, tells the tale of loser Len Krager, who attends a party he'll never forget! A vengeful spirit exacts revenge in the tale 'All Hallows' Eve'! An exercise in suspense and atmosphere set on Halloween night. Robert Mundy doesn't celebrate Halloween since the accidental death of his brother on Halloween night. But this Halloween night, vengeance will rise and seek retribution. Ghostly road hazards endanger a used car owner in the turbo-charged yarn 'Repossessed', a spine tingling 'vehicle' for absolute fright. Jeff purchases a killer car for a killer deal....unfortunately, the car wants his body and soul!

A true exercise in style and terror, 'Voices from The Grave' will thrill and chill even the most jaded horror fan!"

For more information on the film, visit:


Yellow Trailer Released: "Yellow is a homage to the Italian Giallo films of the 1960's and 1970's. It is the story of a man obsessed with hunting down a vicious serial killer committing a series of gruesome murders across the neon lit city of 1980′s Berlin. At its core Yellow is a character study of human frailty and the discovery of dark secrets."

Directed by Ryan Haysom, Yellow, stars Hester Arden, Stephen M. Gilbert, and Rocco Menzel.


Tales from Beyond News: "TALES FROM BEYOND: VOLUME 1 is the first in a series of creepy audio drama CDs featuring 3 true stories on each volume relating to hauntings, cryptozoology, UFOs, and other paranormal activity (such as premonition of death, astral projection, and wildly improbable coincidence). Each volume of stories is professionally performed in the style of the classic radio dramas from yesteryear by an all-star cast of genre favorites and will be released by Schiffer Publishing later this year."

To keep up-to-date on all things Tales from Beyond: Volume 1, visit:


First Photos from Jug Face: "The pit has spoken. Dawai, the potter of a backwoods community, has crafted a face on a ceramic jug of the person that the pit wants sacrificed. Ada, pregnant with her brother’s child, has seen her face on the jug and hides it in the woods, determined to save the life of her unborn. If she does not sacrifice herself however, the creature from the pit will kill everyone in the village until she does."

Jug Face will premiere at Slamdance 2013 on Wednesday, January 23rd at 10:30 pm. For more information on the film or how to purchase tickets to the screening, visit:


The Earth Rejects Him, now on DVD: "The Earth Rejects Him, an original horror story written by Skolnick, is a haunting and surreal tale of a young boy who accidentally discovers a corpse while biking in the woods. In a moment of impulsiveness he steals a tooth from the body, and buries it in the ground. His return to the burial site reveals a development he never would have expected.

Influenced by the films of Werner Herzog, Terrence Malick and Guillermo del Toro, as well as the short stories of H.P. Lovecraft, this project promises to be a unique and terrifying experience, an elegant horror film about modern man’s relationship with the unknowable powers found in nature."

The Earth Rejects Him can only be purchased on director Jared Skolnick's website as a digital download or on DVD at:!the-­‐earth-­‐rejects-­‐him


New Poster for Wake Before I Die: "The first film Co-Directed by the Brothers Freeman (Cell Count and The Weather Outside) has some new artwork from artist Tom Hodge at The Dude Designs.

Wake Before I Die is the story of “Pastor Dan Bennet who moves his family to a small Northwest town and begins to suspect that all might not be as idyllic as he first imagined. Strange spiritual obsessions begin to unearth age-old secrets, and personal threats await anyone who dares confront them. He realizes he must not only prepare his new congregation to face the assault, but also fortify his own home as evil seeks to invade and shake it to its very foundation.

The film stars Robert McKeehen ("Leverage" and “Cell Count”), Michael Prosser (“Grimm”), Victor Morris (“Restless” and “Gone”), and Robert Blanche (“Something Wicked” and “Zombie Apocalypse”)."

For more information, visit:



Impressions: I Didn't Come Here to Die (By Tamkia Jones)

Horror fans are quite familiar with the common horror plot involving teens in the woods. Like any idea, when it isn't taken in new directions, it can become stale and predictable rather quickly. The sub-genre recently received a much needed boost from films like The Cabin in the Woods and Tucker & Dale vs Evil, and I Didn't Come Here to Die is the latest movie to take the old rules and turn them on their head.

I Didn't Come Here to Die follows six young people who go off into the woods to work on a humanitarian project. Little do they know their demises are imminent, and the slasher is not who you would expect. The film was written and directed by Bradley Scott Sullivan, and stars Indiana Adams, Madi Goff, Travis Scott Newman, Niko Red Star, Emmy Robbin, and Jeremy Vandermause.

At first glance, the storyline and characters seem all too familiar. When you start thinking I Didn't Come Here to Die is just another slasher movie, it becomes something completely different and changes your expectations. The cast did a good job of finding that balance and Madi Goff's performance is one of the highlights of the movie for that reason.

There is a definite 70/80's slasher feel to I Didn't Come Here to Die, and a nice mix of campy humor too. Despite being produced on a tight budget, I Didn't Come Here to Die managed to shake up traditional slasher film rules while still paying them respect. It's worth a watch whether you're a die-hard or casual horror fan.

Film Score: 3/5