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2013/03/10 18:11:30 +00:00 | Tamika Jones

We're back with the latest edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes details on Screamfest's call for entries, release information for Charlie Casanova and The Midnight Hour, details on The Modern Monster art show, and more:

Screamfest Horror Film Festival's Call for Entries: The Screamfest Horror Film Festival is accepting submissions in the following categories for the upcoming 2013 Festival:


Feature Films
Short Films
Student Films
Animated Films

  • Early Deadline – June 15th
  • Regular Deadline – July 15th
  • Final Deadline – Aug. 1st

Submit your films here -


Feature Scripts (75-130 pages)

  • Regular Deadline - March 15th
  • Final Deadline - May 15th
  • Winning script receives:
  • $1,000 cash prize
  • Movie Magic Screenwriter software
  • Award Trophy
  • Top 4 finalists receive:
  • $250 cash prize
  • Movie Magic Screenwriter software
  • A six month free Prolific Pro Read Through membership
  • The 2012 winning screenwriter is now in development with a producer as a direct result from winning the Screamfest screenplay competition.

Upload your scripts here -

Moviemaker Magazine listed Screamfest as one of the 25 Festivals Worth The Entry Fee. "A launching pad for burgeoning directors and screenwriters. Screamfest is dedicated to celebrating the often neglected and underappreciated horror genre. Formed in 2001, Screamfest is one of the leading festivals of its kind and many of the movies and moviemakers showcased here have found distribution."

For more information on Screamfest visit


Freak Show Horror Film Festival Details: "The 8th Annual FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival announces this year’s festival dates, Friday October 25 – Sunday October 27, 2013. This year the festival will be in a new venue located at the DoubleTree Orlando, 5780 Major Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819.

This year’s theme is “The Freaks Come Out at Night”. Robert Massetti, the Festival Director, states, “The Festival celebrates the art of filmmaking and expose audiences to new independent horror films from around the world. We are proud to continue supporting independent filmmakers and their work by exposing them to thousands of horror fans every year.”

Filmmakers can now submit their feature length and short horror films through our new online submission at The Early Deadline for Entries is February 18, 2013. Enter your film early to save money on submission fees. For Official Rules, please visit our website.

For more information: FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival Website:"


Charlie Casanova VOD Release Details: "Charlie Casanova is the critically acclaimed, highly controversial film from writer/director Terry McMahon. It's the story of an upper-class genius-level sociopath, Charlie Barnum (Emmett Scanlon). Charlie is an educated, fast-talking egotist, who refuses to be bound by the restrictions of morality, law, or even reality. When he kills a girl in a hit-and-run, he determines his fate with a deck of cards.

BrinkVision will be releasing Charlie Casanova on VOD and Limited Edition DVD on May 21st. Since its premiere at SXSW Film Festival Charlie Casanova has been screened at film festivals around the world, winning several awards including best actor, and several best film awards."

We have provided the trailer for the film below. For more information on Charlie Casanova, visit:


The Modern Monster Art Show: George Pfau- "In the gallery, I'll be showing paintings and photographs derived from scenes in zombie films depicting expansive landscapes surrounding mostly-unidentified bodies.  The landscapes are rendered in oil on linen allowing for a situation in which figures visibly blend into their environment, and vice versa. The photos magnify small areas of each painting, examining the blended edges and grotesque interiors of each body. "

The Modern Monster, February 15 - May 10, 2013  at Queen's Nails

3191 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94110

Viewing hours: Monday - Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

Artists: Michelle Blade, Anthony Discenza, Valerie Hegarty, Jillian McDonald, George Pfau. Curated by Jeanne Gerrity


The Roman Dirge Fund: "Roman Dirge, creator and illustrator of the Lenore comic book series, and his girlfriend Amber were injured in a hit-and-run accident in Hollywood, CA, on February 26, 2013. One of Dirge's legs was severely damaged, but he is said to be in good spirits despite facing a long recovery.

Roman's friend's and family have set up a fund to help him with his medical bills as they will be exceedingly large. If you are a fan of Roman’s work and would like to wish him all the best by making a contribution- please visit Give Forward at the link below:"


Union Furnace Teaser Trailer:  "A petty car thief in a small Southern Ohio town gets involved in an underground game of life and death." Written and directed by Nicholas Bushman, Union Furnace, stars Mike Dwyer, Seth Hammond, Katie Keene, and Keith David to name a few.


CLONED: The Recreator Chronicles: "While on a camping trip, Tracy, Craig, and Derek stumble upon an abandoned laboratory and accidentally trigger a deadly experiment that creates their clones - superior duplicates who plot to kill the kids and take over their identities. Trapped by their captors, the teenagers discover they are no match for their physically stronger, faster, better selves. Their only hope is to unlock the secrets of the Recreator - the scientist behind the experiments - and escape with their lives before they are replaced.

As the opening chapter in a sci-fi franchise about identity and the threat of replacement, CLONED is a film rooted in science-fiction realism and psychological terror that merges the anxious paranoia of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" with the teenage angst of the "Twilight" series.

Starring Stella Maeve (TV's "Golden Boy" and "Gossip Girl," "The Runaways,") as Tracy Bernstein, a small-town girl with big-city ambitions; John de Lancie (TV's "Star Trek: The Next Generation") as Dr. Frank Miller, a man with a secret who threatens Tracy and her friends during a camping trip on his private island; Alexander Nifong (TV's "Glee," "Pretty Little Liars") plays Tracy's boyfriend Craig; and Jamal Mallory-McCree ("We Need to Talk About Kevin") as Derek, the third member of their group."

Gregory Orr’s, CLONED: The Recreator Chronicles, will be released on Video On Demand on April 23rd. For more information on the film, visit:


The Midnight Hour Now Available on Vimeo: "Here's a treat for fans of macabre cinema and TV: For the first time since its September 6, 2008 debut, free Video on Demand is available for select episodes of the cult TV series, "Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour."

The show, currently in the second half of season five, rolls out its 55th half-hour episode in March. With its library of past shows gathering dust, series producers have decided to begin releasing them, uncut and commercial-free, on Vimeo. There is no charge or membership required to view the shows.

Some of the episodes available right away include "Penny Pockets," "Wings of Satan," "Black Friday," "Slaughterhouse Sorority" and "Experiment in Horror." Others will be added from time to time in future months.

Visit for additional details and uploads as they become available."


The Trip: Written by author Tim Morgan, The Trip,"is not your typical zombie apocalypse. The summer after senior year, Meghan, with her friends Dave and Chris, set out on what should be the trip of a lifetime: a bicycle trip from Billerica, Massachusetts to Seattle, Washington. Meghan longs for her independence; Dave secretly has a crush on Meghan; and Chris is reeling from recently being diagnosed HIV positive as the result of a bad decision.

As the three plan their trip, a previously unidentified flu is detected in Mumbai, India. The disease begins a relentless march around the globe. By the time Meghan and her friends are halfway across the country, the horrible truth is known: this is not a normal flu virus. The disease turns its victims into flesh-eating zombies.

Scared and stranded in the middle of America, the three turn back in a desperate bid to make it home.

THE TRIP follows Meghan, Dave and Chris as they dodge zombies, try to stay alive, and make it through the drama of senior year."

To purchase The Trip, go to:


Pandaemonia Teaser Trailer: "On October 27th, the town of Lion's Peak celebrates its annual festival known as Autumn's Veil. A celebration that holds a deadly secret. The seniors of Lion's Peak High School will find out that night when an ancient evil awakens from it's 300-year slumber....and it's hungry."

Written and directed by Mario Melillo, Pandaemonia, stars Scarlett Storm and Chelsea Hellyes. To stay up-to-date on this film, go to:


Blood Promise: "Toronto, 1990: the city is booming and with a nightlife second to none. Welcome to the home turf of Reg Martin, a Homicide Detective considered damaged goods by his peers. Turning to alcohol after his partner is killed under unexplained circumstances, Reg's career and marriage lay in ruins. Despite his soiled reputation, he is requested by his former employer, the RCMP, to investigate the murder of one of their own. The case is a deal breaker and could save or end more than just his career. Still, Reg is reluctant to take the job. Haunted at night with visions of the friend he couldn't save, t0rmented each day by news reports about a spate of brutal murders, the victims drained of blood. Reg knows there is a link between these crimes and his missing partner.

To find the answers he must go it alone, and the chain of evidence leads him to a nightclub called "The Afterlife." Suddenly, the action intensifies as bodies disappear and Reg realizes that he is being shadowed by a mysterious figure. Out of options, he must put aside his fears and accept the unimaginable. Vampires are real and he will have to befriend one of them if he hopes to survive a war with a vampire queen and her bloodthirsty followers. Love, betrayal, redemption - Blood Promise is an adult story graphic and unsettling building in intensity from the beginning until the end.

For more information, visit:"


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