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We're back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today's feature includes a call for entries for Scream Factory's 2013 Mini-Movie Massacre, a trailer for Alice D with Kane Hodder, details on a horror-based game show called Release the Hounds, video highlights of The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus's interview with Conan O'Brien, and much more:

Scream Factory's 2013 Mini-Movie Massacre Call for Entries: "SCREAM FACTORY, the premiere horror genre home entertainment provider, announced today the launch of its MINI-MOVIE MASSACRE horror short film & video contest to be held on SCREAM FACTORY’s official YouTube channel SCREAM FACTORY TV. The call for entries is now open starting, October 31 through the deadline of November 17.

Presented by SCREAM FACTORY, the 2013 MINI-MOVIE MASSACRE was created to shine the spotlights on some of today’s best independent horror short films and videos, emerging masters of horror, storytellers and budding scream queens. Entries deemed as the most distinctive will be selected for competition. This year’s awards categories include Audience Award and Judges Pick Award selected by a panel of judges from SCREAM FACTORY.

Selected competition films will be broadcasted on SCREAM FACTORY TV and viewed by horror enthusiasts, fans and industry peers from around the world during the entire run of the showcase (November 20 – December 1). Viewers and fans will be able to cast their votes/likes after each screening. The Awards will be announced on December 2, 2013 via SCREAM FACTORY’s official website and social media channels.

Since its successful launch in 2012, Shout!’s SCREAM FACTORY continues to raise the bar in curating and revitalizing some of the most underrated horror and sci-fi cult classics and contemporary genre films through thoughtful home entertainment packaging, compelling bonus extras and highly engaging digital and social media platforms."

For more information on submission guidelines and forms, visit: or


'Release The Hounds' Episode One: "This Halloween, horror is a reality as multi-channel network Collective Digital Studio (CDS) premieres a brand new horror game show, Release The Hounds, on CDS’s MetaCafe and BlackBoxTV on YouTube in a groundbreaking approach to bring a hit UK show to audiences worldwide.

Release The Hounds, produced by UK-based Gogglebox Entertainment, features three unsuspecting contestants who enter a forest at dusk in a quest to unlock chests full of prize money. Little do they know that in order to win big, they have to face the scariest challenges ever endured on TV.

To locate the keys to the chests, contestants must enter a field of crucified scarecrows, descend beneath the floorboards in a deserted cabin, and read bedtime stories in the nursery from hell. But the ultimate challenge for them all is to out-run a pack of hounds, trained to guard the cash. If they manage to escape, the money belongs to them. And if they don’t, the horror has just begun.

Filmed in a remote forest from dusk through the dead of night, Release The Hounds takes the game show concept to a frightening new level. With Show Host Reggie Yates as their only connection to the outside world, the contestants must progress through each horrific challenge by keeping their wits and working together.

The first episode of Release The Hounds premieres today on CDS’s Metacafe and on BlackBoxTV on YouTube."


Children of the Witch Release Details: "In Children of the Witch, Ashley and her friends have planned for a spooky night in... but are besieged by the undead offspring of a vengeful witch, carrying out a 100-year-old curse. The question of whether the sins of our ancestors come back to haunt us become the crux of this sexually-charged short, brimming with dark atmosphere, plenty of blood, and tons of scares.

New York City-based genre production company, Sideshow Pictures, has announced their third annual Halloween short film, Children Of The Witch. The film was written and directed by Frank Sabatella (Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet) and produced by Frank Mosca.

The film will be released exclusively at CPXStudio, a subsidiary of global digital media company CPXi. Sideshow has partnered alongside CPXStudio with the goal of creating a horror network for fans to enjoy new and original content.

“My goal with Children Of The Witch was to create a short film that screamed Halloween,” says writer/director Sabatella. “The imagery embodies all that is the spookiest time of year – with lots of fun, creeps, chills and gore!”

Children Of The Witch stars Kiva West, Samantha Hahn, Amandine Thomas, and Rana Roy. The Director of Photography is Stephen Franciosa Jr. with special effects created by Emmy-nominee Jeremy Selenfriend (Boardwalk Empire).

Fans can watch Children Of the Witch for free at [our website] with limited commercial interruptions, or download the unedited, ad-free version of the film."

To learn more about Children Of the Witch, and to watch it in its entirety, go to:


Alice D Trailer: "In the late 1890s the Davenport House was a famous and successful brothel, until a young prostitute named Alice killed herself there. After her death, the brothel became haunted by Alice's ghost and was eventually abandoned. More than a century later, the old structure is renovated into a beautiful mansion. It is still rumored to inhabit the ghost of Alice. Despite this, the new owner, the rich and arrogant heir to the Davenport fortune, decides to throw a wild party for his first night in the house.

Alice D is an independent film written and directed by Jessica Sonneborn and produced by Kristina Page, Christopher D. Maltauro and Josh Hammond, with cinematography by Eric Latek and an original score by Carlos Vivas.

It stars Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th), Al Snow (WWE wrestler), Juan Riedinger (Jennifer's Body), Eliza Swenson (Dorothy and the Witches of Oz), Chanel Ryan (Bad Kids Go to Hell), Michael Reed (Exhumed), Sarah Nicklin (The Disco Exorcist), Julianne Tura (Bloody Bloody Bible Camp), Megan Hensley (The Crazies), Aaron Massey (On a Dark Stormy Night), Barry Ratcliffe (Army Wives), Deborah Venegas ( Bloody Bloody Bible Camp), Nick Apostolides (The Witching Hour) and Kaylee Signore (The House Across the Street)."

To learn more about this film, and to watch the Alice D trailer, visit:


A Grim Becoming Trailer: "A Grim Becoming follows Raphael, a young and bitter executive who is on the verge of losing a multimillion dollar architectural deal with a large distribution company lead by the awkward Stanford brothers. Raphael suffers a sudden death in his family and has to immediately leave to go to the funeral in his home town of Metzburgh. Seeing this as his big chance to get ahead is Wayne, a jealous co-worker who is in competition with Raphael. As Raphael returns to Metzburgh, he experiences a life changing event: witnessing a Grim Reaper taking a soul. This sighting results in Raphael becoming a Reaper and having to explore his own conscience and the lengths he will go to get his own life back. But Death, has other plans for the naive young executive."


First Details on Opening Night: "Tuesday Knight, star of “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master”, is returning to her horror roots twenty-five years later in a new short film entitled “Opening Night”.

Knight rose to fame playing Kristen Parker in the fourth installment of the famed Nightmare on Elm Street series in 1988. She has since gone on to have a successful career in television, movies, music and designing her own jewelry line.

“Seems just like yesterday when I got the role as Kristen in “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master,” Knight said. “I was running out of the New Line building so excited that I fell down their main staircase. But it didn’t matter, I was so excited to be starring in my first feature film.

A lot of people think that I have something against horror because most of my career has been in drama or comedy, but I actually love horror. So, when I got the call to do a cameo in Wes Craven’s “New Nightmare” I was so thrilled to go back and work with the people who made the original and the franchise what it is today.”

The new film, “Opening Night” is about a theatre company led by Victoria Lawson (played by Knight) who are prepping to perform a cursed play on the anniversary of a local massacre.

The project wrapped production earlier this month and will be released before the end of the year via producer Carlos Corral at Mindwarp Entertainment.

Dakota A. Thomas, whose previous short films include “Repent” and “Don’t Look Under the Bed”, is helming this project as writer/director.

The plan for the short film is to use it as a springboard to make a feature version."

For more information on this project, head over to the official Facebook page at:


Giffgaff’s Halloween Video: "Picture the scene. 150 people, an empty swimming pool and loads of fake blood and guts. Cue bloody hands flinging gore, guts and entrails at each other, all captured in a glorious high-definition video – it’s mobile network giffgaff’s latest offering to celebrate Halloween in a different way.

Run by its members, giffgaff is a different way of doing mobile, and being different takes guts. Inspired by the infamous and spectacularly fun La Tomatina Spanish tomato fight, giffgaff’s brave and battle-ready volunteers used fake blood and guts to create a bloody but entertaining mess.

Intestines whizz through the air like barbaric slingshots and dismembered eyeballs are hurled into the fray with the dramatic action caught on camera by directors Jonas & Francois (who've created music videos for Justice, Kanye West, Iggy Azalea, Madonna and many others).

The gory clash is set to ‘Walk of Shame,’ the new track from hot LA rock duo Deap Valley.

Celebrate Halloween with a difference this year… if you’ve got the #giffgaffguts."


The Year After Infection: "The St. Louis based Independent Film Co. Vertice Films LLC. Has completed it’s first full length feature film.

Written and directed by film maker Tony Greco.

Four stories, represented by each season, with diverse groups of people and the challenges they face after a zombie apocalypse. Trying to create a new life under the most dire of circumstances and dealing with letting go of their former lives, while coping with the constant danger of the infected.

Will they survive? Will they want to?"

For more information on The Year After Infection, and to watch it in its entirety, go to:


New Death Walks Trailer: "Death Walks a new kind of horror movie set in an East London shopping centre. The film was shot on a zero budget!

Due for release in 2014!"

To find out more on this film, visit: or


Episode Details for Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour: "It's a mystery with sex, gore and thrills as "Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour" premieres its 63rd half-hour episode on Halloween night.

Last Night, Tonight and Tomorrow” opens in a motel apartment in the Mexican border town of Metamoros, where shady hooker Vanessa (Jessika Johnson) has just extorted her latest John (George Avgoustis), threatening to contact his wife and clue her in to his “south of the border” adventures.

But after she collects her ill-gotten dollars and the angry man leaves, someone quietly breaks into Vanessa’s apartment and pours a gallon of acid into her bath while she is busy in another room. As Vanessa enters and prepares to enjoy a long soak, the intruder’s shadow approaches and pushes her face into the steaming water.

Back in the Midwestern United States, wealthy matriarch Dolores (Terri Partyka) has gathered her family for a bittersweet Thanksgiving reunion, at which she introduces her newfound biological son (Kevin Hartzman) to her adopted daughters, now grown and living lives of their own. Emotions run high as the family suspects a change of will is forthcoming but their petty squables are overshadowed by a more immediate danger: Someone is in the house, quietly killing each family member and hiding the bodies.

Meanwhile, Dolores—now heavily over medicated to alleviate the pain of her terminal cancer—begins behaving very strangely, hacking her son-in-law with a meat cleaver. Escorted to the serenity of her bedroom, she is visited first by Mark and then, after taking still more medication, by another, much less welcome caller.

This entry continues the series’ evolution into Giallo anthology and features several suspenseful moments of dread sure to complement the fun of Halloween and beyond."

For information on this episode, visit:


Battle of the Damned DVD Release: "We're thrilled to bring you this absolute killer combination of Dolph Lundgren, zombies and robots in the spectacular action sci-fi ‘Battle of the Damned’ - out on DVD & Blu-ray 26th December 2013.

Following a deadly viral outbreak, private military soldier Max Gatling (Lundgren) is enlisted to rescue a female survivor from the confines of the contaminated zone on the outskirts of civilization. Gatling soon gets more than he bargained for when he is compelled to lead a group of survivors and a band of deadly prototype robots against an army of the damned.

We love seeing one of our all-time favorite action heroes on the screen again beating those undeads into submission. Not only does Dolph prove he can still kick some serious zombie ass, he does it looking as chiseled and charismatic as ever. Oh, and what about his awesome deadly robot minion helpers? Genius."

To learn more on Battle of the Damned, head over to the film's Twitter page at: or on Facebook at:


Caesar & Otto's Deadly Xmas DVD Release: "Caesar and his half-brother Otto take on duties as Santa and his elf. However, the bodies begin to pile up when a fellow store Santa (CKY's Deron Miller) develops a vendetta against them, and he soon turns Caesar's list of Dinner guests into a list of Xmas-inspired victims!

Wild Eye Releasing is excited to announce the November 19th DVD and VOD release of Caesar & Otto's Deadly Xmas. Co-written and directed by Dave Campfield (Caesar), Deadly Xmas arrives in time for the holidays with more all-star B-Movie legends than you can fit under a Christmas tree, featuring cult icons Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, Felissa Rose, Joe Estevez, Deron Miller, Robert Z'dar and Debbie Rochon.

These legends join Campfield, Paul Chomicki (Otto), Ken MacFarlane, Samantha Barrios, Summer Ferguson, Avi Garg, and Youtube sensations Lauren Francesca, and Shawn "Coolduder" Phillips in a hilarious homage to Silent Night Deadly Night and the slayer santa genre that Ain't It Cool News says "brings genuine humor to the horror genre".

A hit on the horror festival circuit, the DVD release of Deadly Xmas will include three commentary tracks (Director, Cast/Crew, Actors), a behind the scenes featurette, alternate scenes, Shorts films: Piggyzilla, Otto's First Job, & The Perfect Candidate and trailers."


Casting Update for Bestseller: "The intense thriller “Bestseller” shooting in and around Petoskey, MI has moved into its final week of production. The film is about a literary agent terrorized by a wannabe writer while vacationing in Northern Michigan. The film is based upon the book “Bestseller” written by Christopher Wright (Under Christopher Knight). He’s best known as Jonathan Rand to kids as author of the famous “American Chiller” books. The film currently stars Melissa Anschutz (Ashes of Eden), DJ Perry (The 8th Plague), Ralph Lister (Alleged), Lana Wood (Diamonds are Forever), Terence Knox (Tour of Duty) and Taylor Nichols (Boiler Room).

Recently added to this dynamic supporting cast is Amy McFadden, best known for her role as Mary in “America’s Most Haunted,” a comedic horror film playing the Halloween festival circuit before releasing with Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. Also joining the cast is Anthony Hornus, well known to audiences for his powerful character roles in thrillers like “Deadly Renovations” and “Blood Ties”. Patrick Moug, a former law enforcement officer turned actor has also come aboard. Previously he appeared in “An Ordinary Killer” released by E1 Entertainment and “The Ugly One”.

Rounding out the supporting cast is Kimberly Harsch (Hopeful Notes), Victor Pytko (Cedar Rapids), Dana Blackstone (The Bethany Witch) and Alecia Svensen (The Social Network). The film will release in the fall 2014 in the USA/Canada and talks are underway to release it additionally in several foreign territories. Collective Development Inc. is overseeing production/sales while producing in association with Lake Street Media and Misery Bay Films."


Awakened Trailer: "Awakened follows the story of Samantha, who returns home after 14 years to unravel the mystery and discover the truth about her mother’s death. She suspects her father and seeks guidance and answers from her mother’s close friends and family."

For more information, go to: or


Beyond the Dead Gameplay Details: "GREE, a leading developer of mobile games, today announced the launch of Beyond the Dead, a zombie-infested RPG adventure for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In Beyond the Dead, players enter a dark world to fight for humanity’s last chance at survival against a zombie apocalypse brought on by an unknown virus. The first title developed by GREE’s Vancouver studio, Beyond the Dead is available now for free on the App Store.

In this post-apocalyptic world, players prepare for attacks from undead hordes by teaming up with other survivors to fight to reclaim the human race and uncover the mystery behind the zombie outbreak. Gamers can select their own five-member zombie-killing armies by recruiting from over 125 characters each with their own unique skills, classes and weaponry. The game’s cut-throat PVP elements add a layer of personalization and depth to the gameplay requiring players to strategize about their squads’ unit composition when facing off against rival groups. The game also includes an exciting multiplayer feature where users can form alliances with others to help take down the most powerful enemies.

“For our first title, the team here in Vancouver set a high bar for ourselves, focusing on creating a captivating RPG experience on any iOS device," said Steve Lin, General Manager, GREE Canada, Inc. "We wanted to build an experience where each person in your attack party matters and gives gamers the opportunity to explore the story behind everyone on their team. Players can expect a deep storyline where every mission into hostile zones provides a new piece of information surrounding the infection. What caused it? Who is the team's mysterious benefactor? Is there a cure? All the while, survivors battle hordes of the undead, hostile bandits, and others that will stop at nothing in their own fight for survival. You're the leader of the settlement and you decide what team you'll take into battle. Whether or not everyone survives is up to you."

Beyond the Dead features a series of vast post-apocalyptic zones, which players can explore while defeating zombies to earn precious rewards and loot to utilize later in the game. With its robust social features, the game will come to life as players size up and go head-to-head against other Beyond the Dead fans to see who is the toughest group of survivors, form alliances and cooperate with fellow players from around the world to take down the common enemy, and invade and rob rival players’ bases for rewards. Beyond the Dead will be frequently updated with new events, content, characters and features to keep the zombie hunting fresh and exciting.

Beyond the Dead is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch."

For more information, head over to Facebook at: or on Twitter at:


Final Night of the Krampus Trailer: "According to legend, on Christmas Eve Santa Claus travels with a creature known as Krampus. While Santa rewards the good children, Krampus punishes the naughty. But that’s just a myth. …Or is it? When the naughty kids of a suburb begin to vanish in the weeks leading to Christmas, all evidence points to the creature’s existence. In this follow-up to “The Night Shift”, it’s up to supernatural investigators Rue Morgan, Claire Rennfield, and skeletal sidekick Herbie West to solve the mystery, save the children, and face-off against the deadly Krampus.

Fighting Owl Films' newest short film Night of the Krampus will release December 3 on DVD and Streaming. A final trailer has been released and is viewable on YouTube."


First Details on The Incredible Corpse: "The Incredible Corpse – a stealth action game in which a zombie battles alien invaders – will be arriving on iOS and Android at the end of November.

In the game aliens have invaded Earth and stolen everyone’s brains, turning humanity into zombies. Players must kick alien ass, collect brains and munch on a few along the way.

The first chapter of The Incredible Corpse will be available for free. The next five will be available at launch from the App Store and Google Play."

To find out more on The Incredible Corpse, and to support the development of more features within the game, go to:


13/13/13 Trailer Released: "For millennia, calendars have added an extra day every four years. In doing so, they violated the ancient Mayan calendar. Now we are in the 13th month of the 13th year of the new millennium, and the few who survive will battle a world of demons.

The film is currently available at every store and redbox around the country. The film made it into the ranks of the top 5 rentals in redbox in the country horror this month.

It hits DVD and BLU-RAY on amazon and store shelves to own November 5th. This marks the first collaboration between James Cullen Bressack and The Asylum."


The Dark of the Forest and Fast and Frightening Release Details: "We are Freaktown Comics – a new UK-based small press publishing imprint, specializing in horror and adventure one-shots.

Our first title is THE DARK OF THE FOREST.

It all started out so innocently.

Seven friends set out on a birdwatching weekend in the middle of the Navarre forest. Little did they know that while they were watching the birds, something else was watching them. Something that wasn’t human. Something very protective of the forest, and willing to kill anyone that gets in its way.

Something hungry.

Freaktown Comics brings you a desperate tale of survival, humans united against a mysterious and deadly predator in a bloody battle to the death.

Written by Russell Hillman, with art by Sergio Calvet.


Blown away by their first bout, four young women decide to take on the world. With skates on their feet, helmets on their heads, pads on their knees and fire in their hearts they assemble a mighty roller derby league. Follow their exploits on and off the track as they skate fast, turn left and hit hard. It’s red-hot girl-on-girl sports action!

Freaktown Comics brings the excitement and action of roller derby to the comics page, and introduces you to the people who make it happen.

Written by Russell Hillman, with art by Carlos Pedro and Keith Chan.

Both books will be on sale at the Thought Bubble comic convention in late November, and will be available to order from Wednesday 27th November."

For more information, go to:


Scream Lab Program Details: "The Undead invaded YouTube Space LA recently on Zombie Day during the first-ever Scream Lab, a month-long program offered by YouTube’s Next Lab experts to give channel creators access to YouTube Space LA’s production space to help them produce scary videos for Halloween.

Over 20 participating channels were transformed into zombies by the Stan Winston School."

To learn how to do your own transformations, go to:


Olga Kay's 'My Better Half' Video Details: "Check out this original Halloween short that was shot on the Scream Lab set by up and coming YouTube star Olga Kay. In "My Better Half" Halloween Special 2013, Blair Towers stops at a hotel for a night with her boyfriend Jay where she is haunted by...thats for the viewer to figure out."

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


The Gothic Blue Book III, The Graveyard Edition Details: "Burial Day Books, a boutique publisher of supernatural horror presents its third short story collection this Halloween. The Gothic Blue Book III, The Graveyard Edition is a collection of short stories and poems that resurrect the spirit of the Gothic Blue Book. Gothic Blue Books were short fictions popular in the 18th and 19th century. They were descendants of the chap book trade.

The Gothic Blue Book III, The Graveyard Edition is a collection of short stories and poems written by established and emerging horror authors that honor the Gothic story. This year Peter Adam Salomon’s short story “The Questioner’s Apprentice” is featured.

Misery, fear, despair, regret and dread are highlighted in this collection, stirring old ghosts, witches, and awakening death. The authors in this collection weave together brilliant tales of terror celebrating the history of the Gothic story with a new twist."

To learn more about this anthology, and to purchase the collection, visit:


George Pfau's Zombie Impressionist Oil Paintings: "These impressionist/pointillist oil paintings portray figures on the verge of recognition. Each painting is based on a scene in a zombie film in which figures are small and out of focus. The oil paint allows each figure to bleed into and intertwine with its surroundings. Each painting is accompanied by a high-resolution photograph in which these figures are magnified, emphasizing the blurry boundary that encircles each body. For me, the grotesque, oozing, blending qualities of oil paint are an apt medium for zombies and human bodies that are in-between, or out of control. The zombie film depicted is indicated in the title of each piece."

For more information on George Pfau and his artwork, visit:


Sororal Screening and Q&A Details: "The team at Nakatomi Pictures is very pleased to announce the world premiere this month of their genre-­‐bending feature Sororal, Australia’s first giallo-­‐inspired thriller, at the country’s premier film festival for lovers of contemporary and classic genre, Melbourne’s Monsterfest 2013.

The screening will be followed by a Q and A session with key team members including director Sam Barrett and cast members Amanda Woodhams and Liam Graham.

A heady whirlwind of genetic experimentation, mind control, telekinetic power struggles, and twisted art revolve around Sororal's heroine, Cassie (Woodhams), a troubled artist who tries to make sense of her vivid, violent dreams by committing her visions to canvas.

The film's two and a half year journey through post-production has seen anticipation ahead of its release ramp up among rabid giallo fans, especially over the last twelve months. Twitchfilm's Kwenton Bellette has even named it one of 'Twitch's Top Picks' of the festival.

Fans are encouraged to visit Sororal's Facebook page for more details in the lead up to the premiere screening at Melbourne's Cinema Nova in Carlton at 8.30p.m., Sunday 24 November."

To learn more about this film, and its premiere at Melbourne's Monsterfest 2013, visit: or


Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong Trailer and Release Details: "Full Moon Features is proud to announce the world premiere of Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong on their new subscription-based video streaming service, Full Moon Streaming. For the first time ever, fans can have the option to have a fully interactive & immersive experience by watching the “Ganja” Version, which is packed with interactive special features that happen in real time while the movie is playing. At key points in the film, viewers can unlock extra scenes, Easter Eggs, and learn hilarious trivia. Then purchase exclusive gonzo merchandise like Evil Bong lighters and ashtrays, the double-sided Nookie Crisp/Weediessatire cereal, or even a replica of Masuimi Max’s greatest assets. The Ganja Version also includes a Full Moon Treasure Hunt, where viewers can earn prizes by spotting the special Golden Moons hidden throughout the film.

It's a War of the Colossal Freaks when serial killing cookie, Gingerdead Man, tracks down the lone survivor of his murderous rampage, Sarah Leigh (Robin Sydney), to take care of unfinished business. But his devious plans go up in smoke when Sarah meets Larnell (John Patrick Jordan), who has a pint-sized problem of his own. The Evil Bong, Eebee, has been unleashed once again. Bodies begin to pile up as Gingerdead Man carves a path for them. Their only salvation is to turn to help from the dastardly Bong. It's one tough cookie versus one bad trip mother when the two Titans of Terror hash out a war in the Bong World. The stakes have never been higher. Directed by Charles Band with the voice talents and cameos of Tommy Chong, Gary Busey, and many others."

For a preview of Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong, go to:


Video Highlights of Norman Reedus on Conan: "The "Walking Dead" star wasn't sure what to do with a saline funbag until he looked at his phone and got a bright idea."

"Norman isn't usually called upon to make kissy-faces; his usual turf is Angry Ass-Kickers."

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