Following the initial news that a Resident Evil movie reboot is in the works at Constantin Film, Deadline is now reporting that one of the modern horror genre's maestros will be producing the film.

Deadline reports that James Wan is on board to produce a reboot of the Resident Evil movie franchise (based on Capcom's popular video game franchise) that kicked off in 2002 and just saw its sixth installment, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, reach massive numbers at the box office (it's gone on to gross $312 million globally).

Wan will reportedly produce the film from a screenplay by Greg Russo, with whom he's worked previously on the new Mortal Kombat movie (at New Line Cinema) and the Robotech film (at Sony). As previously reported by Variety, Constantin Film is on board to produce, with Deadline revealing that Atomic Monster's Michael Clear also attached as a producer. A director has yet to be named.

While no official casting information is known at this time, Deadline reports that a completely new cast is expected to comprise the latest Resident Evil film.

Wan has become known as one of the most prolific and efficient horror filmmakers of his generation, with his directing and producing duties helping to bring to life The Conjuring films, the Saw franchise, the Insidious movies, and more. It will be interesting to see what type of a Resident Evil film Wan will help shepherd to the big screen, and we'll be sure to keep Daily Dead readers updated as more details are revealed.

Source: Deadline
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