For this week’s home media releases, we have a ton of indie horror on tap, with both Wild Eye Releasing and Gravitas Ventures leading the pack with a variety of titles. Probably the most intriguing movie coming home this week has to be Caroushell (a disgruntled unicorn looking for revenge? Yes, please.), but Wild Eye is also putting out a few other films under both of their labels, including House of Ravens, Beaten to a Pulp, and Open Wound. From Gravitas, we have both Arcadia and Beast of the Water to look forward to, and Unearthed Films is bringing the disturbing Dis to both Blu-ray and DVD as well.

Rounding out January 22nd’s releases is the cult classic Kiss of the TarantulaStrangers Within, and 10 to Midnight.

10 to Midnight (Scream Factory, Collector's Edition Blu-ray)

Charles Bronson is "a hero all the way" (Variety) as a rogue cop pursuing a deranged killer in this action-packed suspense/thriller. Serving up vigilante justice as only he can, Bronson delivers one of his most riveting performances in this exceedingly well-made film.

Bronson plays Leo Kessler, a cynical Los Angeles cop on the trail of Warren Stacy (Gene Davis), a homicidal maniac who turns rejection from beautiful women into the ultimate revenge. When the legal system sets Stacy free, Kessler plants evidence to put him behind bars for good. But Kessler's plan backfires, leaving him with only one option: to hunt down Stacy on his own ... before the crazed killer can strike again!

Arcadia (Gravitas Ventures, Blu-ray & DVD)

In the not too distant future, the population has risen to dangerous numbers and a deadly disease has gripped the world. To combat the death toll rising, 'Arcadia' has been built as safe disease-free haven for the privileged, where life expectancy is more than 130 years. Outside Arcadia, the average life lasts merely 40 years - unless they can earn a place amongst the elite. Charlie is 39 and living in London, with little time left he works every day to get him and his daughter into the safe haven. When asked to capture a government target, Adam Black, a member of resistance movement 'Free Care', Charlie take this opportunity to guarantee them a place inside Arcadia. On the brink of achieving his dream, his mission takes a wrong turn and he finds himself questioning the real purpose for Black's capture. As discoveries are made, it seems the government have not told Charlie the full truth about Black and 'Free Care'. Facing a choice between saving his life and doing what's right, what will Charlie decide?

Beast of the Water (Gravitas Ventures, Blu-ray & DVD)

When their funding is cut off, a team of academic researchers turn to AESIV, a nefarious corporation, to continue their work on the legends of the Ininkwe, a lost Native American tribe. Led by Dr. Walter Grey, who is fascinated with the Ininkwe myths of living water and a fearsome creature called Enuattii, the team discovers hard scientific evidence of the legendary waters properties, but try to keep it a secret.

Beaten to a Pulp (Wild Eye Raw, DVD)

A lonely man, Stuart, enters a world of junkies, porn stars, and serial killers. Every scumbag in LA is out for his head. Will he survive?

Caroushell (Wild Eye Releasing, DVD)

Duke, a carousel unicorn, hates his job. He has to let kids climb on his back and ride him for hours every day. But one kid has finally pushed him too far. Duke breaks free of his carnival hell and embarks on a bloody rampage of revenge on humanity.

Dis (Unearthed Films, Blu-ray & DVD)

An ex-soldier with a criminal past takes refuge in the woods. A demonic figure seeks the seed of killers and the blood of the damned to feed his mandrake garden. DIS is an infernal descent into the root of the mandrake legend and a man who wanders too close to that legend and the unnamable terror behind it. What you sow you will reap. 

House of Ravens (Wild Eye Releasing, DVD)

In this award-winning anthology, international directors take on the most macabre stories of all, from the master of horror, Edgar Allen Poe.

Kiss of the Tarantula (VCI Entertainment, DVD)

Mommy and Daddy operate and live in a mortuary with their daughter, Susan, who collects tarantula spiders and has always been ostracized by her friends because... well she's a little bit strange. In true schlocky b-movie horror fashion, this is a real All-American Dysfunctional Family! So when Susan discovers that mommy dearest is plotting to have dear old dad killed... well this puts sweet little Susie over the top and she pulls out all the stops, making good use of her father's mortuary and her creepy little playmates to exact horrendous revenge!

Open Wound (Wild Eye Raw, DVD)

Trapped in a basement together, a man and woman slowly devolve into destructive and sadistic behavior that turns deadly when a mysterious stranger appears into the nightmare scenario they have created.

Strangers Within (Ammo Content LLC, DVD)

Sam and her friends are terrorized during a party by a group of young men on a desperate hunt for something in her house.

Heather Wixson
About the Author - Heather Wixson

After falling in love with the horror genre at a very early age, Heather Wixson has spent the last decade carving out a name for herself in the genre world as a both a journalist and as a proponent of independent horror cinema. Wixson is currently the Managing Editor for, and was previously a featured writer at and where her online career began; she’s also been a contributor at FEARnet as well as a panelist for several of their online programs.

Wixson recently finished her first book, Monster Squad: Celebrating the Artists Behind Cinema's Most Memorable Creatures, and is currently working on her second upcoming book project on special effects artists as well.

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