Japanese Ring Sequel Announced

2011/02/17 13:05:25 +00:00 | Jonathan James

A new version of the Japanese Ring series has just been announced. The film is titled Sadako 3D after the series' main character and is planned for a 2012 release:

"Sadako, identified by her long black hair covering her face, has become an iconic character in the Japanese horror genre. Koji Suzuki, the author of the original 'Ring' novel series, indicated that the new 3D film will include a scene of Sadako coming out of a television set, similar to the original."

While the new story is already written, the director and cast have not yet been locked. Sadako 3D will be the fifth entry in the series that includes Ringu, Rasen, Ringu 2, and Ringu 0: Birthday.

Source: Tokyograph