While Shin Godzilla stomps its way through cinemas, fans of the radioactive reptile in the Japanese community of Chikuzen are paying tribute to the colossal creature's latest appearance with a statue that could be described as "The Wicker Man meets The King of Monsters."

According to J-Cast.com (via CNET), a 23-feet-tall Godzilla statue made of rice straw and bamboo was constructed over the past four months for a harvest celebration that takes place in Chikuzen every year. The jaw-dropping creation is based on the creature's appearance in Toho's Shin Godzilla, which came out earlier this year.

More than 150 people  from the local community, including plenty of young folks and staff members from the town hall, helped construct the Godzilla straw statue, which includes a tail that is 10 meters long and could be ready to lash out at the nearest helicopter.

For an awesome added effect, the construction team installed LED bulbs in the statue's eye sockets to provide an eerie glow after the sun sets on the amazing creation, which you can view in the photos below.

Photos from J-Cast:

Photos by @ShinFurutani on Twitter:

Source: J-Cast via CNET
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