Jimmi Simpson Hunts Vampires

2011/02/25 18:13:45 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Jimmi Simpson will be playing Abraham Lincoln's right hand man in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He'll be joining Ben Walker, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie and Mary Elisabeth Winstead in the adaptation of the Seth Grahame-Smith novel. Timur Bekmatebov is set to start shooting this film in 3D next month and Fox has scheduled it for release on June 22, 2012.

Jimmi Simpson is a solid actor, with plenty of roles in other films, but I can't look at him anymore without thinking of Liam McPoyle from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Once you've seen him in that, you won't think of him the same way again.

As for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, I'm interested in seeing the movie, but have zero expectations at this point. I'm not terribly excited yet, but my mind may change one way or the other when I see some footage. The reason is that while I found Wanted entertaining, I don't know feel I've seen enough work from Timur Bekmambetov to know what kind of film we're going to get.

Source: Variety