Originally selected as one of the winners of this year's Platform Comics' 10K Challenge, Jonathan James and Oliver Levang are giving away their Hell Racer short comic to Daily Dead readers as a Halloween treat!

For this challenge, teams had the following guidelines from Platform Comics:

  • Teams have 10,000 Minutes (7 days) to create a comic.
  • Comics must be between 4 and 8 Pages.
  • We will assign each team a Unique Theme.
  • All teams will receive the same Line of Dialogue that must be used in their comic.

The line of dialogue for all participating teams was "Let it Burn," and Jonathan and Oliver were given the unique theme of "Underground Drag Racing Club."

Having conceived the entire idea for Hell Racer together over the course of 24 hours, they came up with something that is reminiscent of EC Comics and The Twilight Zone while still feeling like its own thing, with nods to The Car, Speed Racer, and more!

They came up with so many ideas for this world, that Jonathan and Oliver said this is just a tease of a much larger story they're planning to tell, following Owen and his family in the fiery underworld!

Click the cover below to read the Hell Racer short comic in its entirety, and be sure to visit Oliver Levang's official website and check out the webcomic HeLL(P), which Oliver co-created!

Click the cover to read Hell Racer or click this link to download a PDF.

  • Derek Anderson
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