It was previously revealed that Juan of the Dead had been acquired by Focus World for VOD/digital distribution. Now we have word on a limited US theatrical release.

Outsider Pictures has acquired the rights to distribute Juan of the Dead theatrically. The  film's release will start with an exclusive run at Miami Dade College’s Tower Theater, which will take place shortly after the Miami International Film Festival (March 2-11). It is being reported that the movie will expand to other cities afterward. With multiple companies acquiring different US release rights for the film, we're waiting on confirmation on who is handling the DVD/Blu-ray distribution. We'll post more details as they become available.

"In the film, Havana is overrun by Zombies while’s Cuba’s Commie leaders insist it’s just a plot by US-backed dissidents to bring down the government. It is up to the hero Juan to rid the island of the undead for money. But as the zombie outbreak begins to spread, he is left with no choice but to fight for his own survival."

Source: Deadline
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  • Awesome news!  Juan looks like it’ll be tremendous.