Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water… This week’s horror and sci-fi home entertainment releases feature the highly anticipated Blu-ray debuts of all three Jaws sequels from Universal Studios, which should please all the fans out there who have been looking to complete their Jaws collections in HD.

Paramount is releasing the stellar 10 Cloverfield Lane on both Blu-ray and DVD on June 14th, and for those Jim Wynorski fans out there, Synapse Films is bringing his cult film Sorceress to Blu-ray this week as well.

Other notable releases for Tuesday include the Blu-ray / DVD release of the Rabid Dogs remake and the Collector’s Edition Blu-rays of both Jeepers Creepers films from Scream Factory, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness on 4K Ultra HD, the 50th Anniversary Collection of Dark Shadows on DVD, and the Blu-ray release of The Magnetic Monster from Kino Lorber.

10 Cloverfield Lane (Paramount Studios, Blu/DVD/Digital HD & DVD)

After a catastrophic car crash, a young woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) wakes up in a survivalist’s (John Goodman, Argo) underground bunker. He claims to have saved her from an apocalyptic attack that has left the outside world uninhabitable. His theories are supported by a mysterious stranger who is in the bunker with them (John Gallagher, Jr., “The Newsroom”), but as his increasingly suspicious actions lead her to question his motives, she’ll have to escape in order to discover the truth.

With a shocking finale that “will completely blow you away” (Eric Eisenberg, Cinemablend), 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE looks phenomenal on Blu-ray. The Combo Pack includes Digital HD, commentary with director Dan Trachtenberg and producer J.J. Abrams, and over 30 minutes of special features. Take an extensive look behind-the-scenes with Abrams and the cast as they revisit the legacy of 2008’s CLOVERFIELD, and discuss how 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE went from script to production. Continue with a tour of the ominous bunker, see how the costume designer was challenged to create a homemade Hazmat suit, follow the production team and sound designers as they work on the movie’s epic finale, and hear the unique scores composed for each character. Plus, for a limited time only, get a bonus Digital HD copy of the original CLOVERFIELD with the Blu-ray Combo Pack.

Jaws 2 (Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Blu-ray)

The horror is far from over as Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gary and Murray Hamilton reprise their iconic roles in Jaws 2. Four years after the great white shark terrorized the small resort of Amity, unsuspecting vacationers begin disappearing in an all-too-familiar fashion. Police Chief Brody (Scheider) finds himself in a race against time when a new shark attacks ten sailboats manned by teenagers, including his own two sons. The same heart-stopping suspense and gripping adventure that enthralled movie audiences throughout the world in Jaws returns in this worthy sequel to the original motion picture classic.

Special Features include The Making of Jaws 2, Jaws 2: A Portrait by Actor Keith Gordon, John Williams: The Music of Jaws 2, The "French" Joke, Storyboards and Theatrical Trailer.

Jaws 3 (Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Blu-ray)

The most famous shark of all time is back…bigger and more terrifying than ever in Jaws 3 starring Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong, Simon MacCorkindale and Louis Gossett Jr. Everyone at Florida's Sea World is thrilled with the new "Undersea Kingdom," a maze of underwater plexiglass tunnels that permits visitors to get closer to marine life than ever before. The opening ceremonies include many important guests…and one uninvited baby shark who accidentally enters the park's lagoon through a faulty sea gate and subsequently dies. The young shark's 35-foot mother soon follows her offspring, creating the most horrifying tale of terror ever filmed in the water. Directed by Joe Alves, the original Jaws designer, and co-written by Carl Gottlieb who penned the first two blockbusters, this action-packed adventure will have you screaming for your life.

Special Features include Jaws 3 in 3D and Theatrical Trailer.

Jaws: The Revenge (Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Blu-ray)

Once again the peace of Amity and the lives of the Brody family are shattered by a bloodthirsty shark in Jaws: The Revenge. Lorraine Gary reprises her role as the now widowed Ellen Brody who finds herself reliving the horrors of the past when a mammoth shark kills her son. Grief-stricken, she travels to the Bahamas to be with her other son, a marine biologist (Lance Guest), and his family. There she meets and falls for a carefree airplane pilot (Academy Award winner Michael Caine). Just as she is starting to put her life back together, the nightmare of the past returns when her granddaughter is attacked by an all-too-familiar great white shark. Determined to end the terror once and for all, Ellen sets out for a showdown to the death. 

Special Features include Theatrical Trailer and Alternate Ending.

Rabid Dogs (2015) (Scream Factory, Blu-ray / DVD)

The main avenue of a crowded city. Sabri (Guillaume Gouix, TV’s The Returned), grips the steering wheel of his car, eyes fixed anxiously on the bank entrance opposite… A sudden explosion. Three masked men race to the car, loaded with stolen cash. Unfortunately everything is about to go wrong. With the cops right behind them, the car crashes and their boss is killed. Sabri and his accomplices are forced to run. The three desperate criminals will stop at nothing to make their escape. Taking a young woman and a father and child hostage, they embark on a crazy, violent road trip that not all of them will survive…

This chilling remake of the 1974 Mario Bava cult classic stars Lambert Wilson (The Matrix Reloaded, Dante 01), Laurent Lucas (Calvaire) and Virginie Ledoyen (The Backwoods, The Beach).

Sorceress (Synapse Films, Blu-ray & DVD)

Larry Barnes (Larry Poindexter) is on the fast track to a partnership in a prestigious law firm, and his sexy witch wife Erica (Julie Strain, HEAVY METAL 2000) will do anything to keep her husband happy. But Erica makes a fatal mistake when she tries to kill Larry's main competition for the partnership, Howard Reynolds (Edward Albert, GALAXY OF TERROR). With Howard now crippled for life from Erica's dark magic, his wife Amelia (Linda Blair, THE EXORCIST) plots her revenge. Using witchcraft and a mystical medallion, Amelia tries to destroy everyone and everything in Larry's life!

All the pleasures of the flesh and malevolence of black magic collide in this newly remastered and uncensored version of Jim Wynorski's SORCERESS (aka TEMPTRESS). Presented for the first time ever from a new 2K scan of the original uncut film element, this release features additional footage and additional nudity removed from the original release. 

Special Features include Audio Commentary with Director Jim Wynorski, Additional Audio Commentary with Director Jim Wynorski and SPFX Artist/Actor/Director, Tom Savini, and DTS HD MA 2.0 Stereo.


666: Teen Warlock (Rapid Heart Pictures, DVD) 

Blood on the Reel (SGL Entertainment, Blu-ray & DVD)

Cannibal Attack: Real Zombies in America (Worldwide Multimedia, DVD)

Crimson (Redemption, Blu-ray & DVD)

Dark Shadows: 50th Anniversary Collection (MPI Home Video, DVD) 

The Dooms Chapel Horror (Brain Damage Films, DVD)

Evil Exhumed (Rapid Heart Pictures, DVD) 

Gold (Kino Lorber, Blu-ray) 

Grosshouse (Worldwide Multimedia, DVD)

Jeepers Creepers: Collector’s Edition (Scream Factory, Blu-ray)

Jeepers Creepers 2: Collector’s Edition (Scream Factory, Blu-ray)

The Magnetic Monster (Kino Lorber, Blu-ray) 

Mutilations (Massacre Video, DVD)

Sensoria (108 Media, DVD) 

Star Trek (Paramount Studios, 4K Ultra HD/Blu/Digital HD) 

Star Trek Into Darkness (Paramount Studios, 4K Ultra HD/Blu/Digital HD)

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