The colossal creatures from the world of King Kong could be coming to the small screen, as a King Kong Skull Island TV series is in the works, and although it has a nearly identical name to the recent feature film Kong: Skull Island, it bears no connection to the new movie from Legendary and Warner Bros.

According to ScreenDaily, the King Kong Skull Island TV series is a collaboration between MarVista Entertainment and IM Global Television, with Jonathan Penner and Stacy Title (the husband / wife duo who teamed up for The Bye Bye Man film based on a story by Robert Damon Schneck, with Penner writing and Title directing the horror film) on board as executive producers and writers for the series, which is described as a "serialised, contemporary continuation of Cooper’s classic 1933 monster film to feature a female-led, multicultural ensemble." Additionally, Deadline reports that King Kong Skull Island would be a live-action series.

Rather than taking place in Legendary and Warner Bros.' new MonsterVerse, the TV series is based on Merian C. Cooper's original 1933 King Kong film and the King Kong comic book / novel / artwork property that has been worked on by artist Joe DeVito’s DeVito ArtWorks.

Here's what MarVista CEO Fernando Szew had to say about the King Kong Skull Island series (via ScreenDaily):

“Jonathan and Stacy have taken a world that has enraptured audiences in all its many forms over the years and given it a contemporary, female-focused spin."

This project is still in the early stages of development, so stay tuned to Daily Dead for more updates. Would you like to see this series come to life on screen?

*Above image courtesy of DeVito ArtWorks.

Source: ScreenDaily
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