After he played Charlie Salinger in Party of Five and before he headed to the island as Jack Shephard in Lost, Matthew Fox saw dead people on the TV series Haunted, which aired for one season on UPN in 2002 and will soon be coming to Blu-ray this May from Kino Lorber.

Kino Lorber announced on Facebook that they will release the complete series of Haunted on Blu-ray beginning May 29th. The new Blu-ray release will include all eleven episodes of the series, including the four that didn't air in the series' original run:

"PILOT - 9/24/2002
FIDELITY - 10/8/2002
ABBY - 10/15/2002
BLIND WITNESS - 10/22/2002
NOCTURNE - 10/29/2002
A THREE HOUR TOUR - 11/5/2002

Unaired episodes:


We have a look at the cover art and previously released trailer below, as well as a synopsis for the series via No special features for this release have been announced. Will you be adding this to your home media collection?

"Once happily married and the rising star of the Seattle police force, Frank Taylor's guilt over the kidnapping of his son destroyed his marriage and cost him his job. Two years later, now a private investigator specializing in finding missing persons, Frank is shot by a suspect whom he in turn kills. On the operating table Frank is declared dead, but then is miraculously revived. Afterwards, however, Frank begins to have strange episodes. He hears unusual noises and sees people who aren't there, including the suspect he killed, and realizes that he's still connected to the world of the dead. Frank is desperately frightened, until he comes to realize that his hauntings can help him solve cases and save lives, and may ultimately help him solve the mystery of what happened to his son."

Source: Facebook
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