After appearing in the satanic horror movie The Devil's Rain, William Shatner squared off against terrifying tarantulas in Kingdom of the Spiders. While Code Red previously released a limited edition Blu-ray of the 1977 horror movie, Kino Lorber is teaming up with Code Red to distribute another release of their Kingdom of the Spiders Blu-ray (with different cover art) this March.

You can view the cover art and official announcement from Kino Lorber below, and in case you missed it, read Scott Drebit's Drive-In Dust Offs column on Kingdom of the Spiders.

From Kino Lorber: "Coming March 26th From Code Red DVD!

Kingdom of the Spiders (1977)

• Audio commentary with director John 'Bud' Cardos, producer Igo Kantor and star Tiffany Bolling
• Interview with Tiffany Bolling
• Theatrical Trailer

(1977) Color 97 Minutes 1.85:1 Rated PG
Television legend William Shatner (TV’s Star Trek, T.J. Hooker and Boston Legal) stars as vet "Rack" Hansen in this cult classic about an Arizona town infested with a horde of arachnids that turn on the humans. After livestock belonging to Rack's friend Walter Colby (Woody Strode, The Italian connection. The Ravagers, The Professionals) Fall victim to a spider attack, entomologist Diane Ashley (Tiffany Bolling, Wild Party) arrives and tries to help Rack deal with the crisis. But with the big county fast approaching, Mayor Connors (Roy Engel, The Man from Planet X) refuses to let them quarantine the Colby's ranch. Soon the remaining residents of the town must barricade themselves to stave off the eight-legged invaders in the ultimate man vs. arachnid showdown! Directed by cult filmmaker Roy ‘Bud’ Cardos (The Dark, Mutant, Outlaw of Gor).

Distributed by Kino Lorber!"

Cover art from Kino Lorber:

Source: Facebook
  • Derek Anderson
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    Raised on a steady diet of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books and Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Derek has been fascinated with fear since he first saw ForeverWare being used on an episode of Eerie, Indiana.

    When he’s not writing about horror as the Senior News Reporter for Daily Dead, Derek can be found daydreaming about the Santa Carla Boardwalk from The Lost Boys or reading Stephen King and Brian Keene novels.

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