Ahead of the December 4th theatrical release of Michael Dougherty's eagerly awaited holiday horror film Krampus, the fine folks at Legendary Comics are helping make the wait a little sweeter with their new graphic novel Krampus: Shadow of Saint Nicholas.

Now available to purchase as a stocking stuffer or something to be enjoyed after dishing out the turkey later this week, Krampus: Shadow of Saint Nicholas is an intriguing look at the darker side of the holidays through four interwoven tales taking place right before Christmas in a snowy small town. When the power goes out, toys come to life and evil elves emerge from the shadows to make the naughty wish they had been nice. Krampus and his chains have come to town, and his list is long and unmerciful.

Penned by Dougherty's Krampus film co-writers, Todd Casey and Zach Shields (along with Laura Shields for the second tale), this eclectic collection of holiday horror stories features an intriguing ensemble of fleshed-out characters you immediately feel at home with after just a few panels. An alcoholic war veteran playing Santa at a department store, a cop grieving for her dead sister, a tight-knit group of homeless people, and a rich businessman with a cold heart in need of thawing—all of these characters are flawed and redeemable in their own ways, making their storylines all the more investable and believable in even the most absurd (in a good way) situations.

While there is a sobering heart at the center of these stories, Casey and company obviously had a lot of fun placing their well thought-out characters in peril. From gas-guzzling elves to sinisterly smiling snowmen, Krampus' minions create a living nightmare that's similar to something Tim Burton and R.L. Stine would conjure up over coffee.

Featuring art by Christian Dibari, Maan House, Stuart Sayger, and Michael Montenat, the illustrations are solid across the spectrum, with Sayger's work on the third story especially impressive, taking readers on a visual tour of a truly warped but wonderful take on Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

Much like Legendary Comics' Trick 'r Treat: Days of the Dead, this new graphic novel paves its own entertaining path through Michael Dougherty's delightfully dark cinematic landscape. Whether you're naughty or nice this year, you should put Krampus: Shadow of Saint Nicholas on your wish list.



Ancient folklore warns of a mythical counterpart to Santa Claus, who punishes naughty children every Christmas… his name is KRAMPUS. Michael Dougherty presents the official graphic novel - KRAMPUS: Shadow of Saint Nicholas - based on his festive horror comedy, which expands the mythology of this iconic terror with an anthology of three deliciously twisted morality tales that will leave you praying you are not on the naughty list.

At the most wonderful time of the year, a drunken mall Santa comes under siege from some very mischievous Christmas spirits, a dysfunctional cop becomes trapped with the man who ruined his life and the wealthy town “scrooge” must face the shadows from his past as his home comes under invasion from the homeless. This Christmas, Krampus will make sure they all get what they deserve.

Michael Dougherty, the writer/director behind cult horror hit Trick ‘r Treat, is joined by a fantastic team of creators, uniting Krampus co-screenwriters Zach Shields and Todd Casey and artists Fiona Staples (Saga), Christian Dibari (Hoax Hunters), Maan House (Witchblade), and Stuart Sayger (Bram Stoker’s Death Ship) to deliver a twisted gift for the holiday season."

  • Derek Anderson
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