Lance Henriksen Biography Released

2011/05/05 16:08:40 +00:00 | Jonathan James

This book is on our must-read list for his work with James Cameron on Aliens alone, but the amount of genre roles Lance Henriksen has had and talent he's worked with over the last 40 years is simply amazing. We're interested in hearing all about Dog Day AfternoonNear Dark, Pumpkinhead, MillenniumAppaloosa and everything else in between.

Today is Lance Henriksen's birthday and the release date of his official biography, Not Bad for a Human. Bloody Pulp Books is publishing the biography and is currently offering a limited edition hardcover for sale:

"374 perfect-bound pages including original full-page artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz (“Elektra: Assassin”), Mike Mignola (“Hellboy”), Ashley Wood (“Metal Gear Solid”), Tim Bradstreet (“The Punisher”), Eric Powell (“The Goon”) and Tom Mandrake (“The Spectre”)"

All limited edition copies that are purchased from the official book site are signed by Lance Henriksen and are selling for $35.00 (plus s/h). To pick up a copy for yourself or for more information, click on the source link below.