Scream Factory dazzled horror fans last year with their Paul Naschy Blu-ray collections, and they'll continue to release essential sets in 2018, as they just announced a new Blu-ray box set for the It's Alive franchise, including all three of Larry Cohen's movies about eerie infants with murderous intentions.

Slated to come out this spring, Scream Factory's It's Alive Blu-ray set will include It's Alive (1974), It Lives Again (1978), and It's Alive III: Island of the Alive (1987). Special features have yet to be announced, but we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated when more details are revealed. In the meantime, you can check out the official announcement and box set artwork (by Joel Robinson) below:

From Scream Factory: "We’re ending the month with truly exciting news that we are releasing all three original IT’S ALIVE films on Blu-ray this Spring!

A proud couple's bundle of joy is really a newborn terror in filmmaker Larry Cohen's cautionary original IT'S ALIVE that tapped into environmental fears. The horror grows when multiple child monsters rampage in the first sequel IT LIVES AGAIN as two brave parents try to stop them by becoming the bait for their spree. The now global mutants are rounded up and relocated to a far-flung island in IT’S ALIVE III: ISLAND OF THE ALIVE. Will a parent's greatest nightmare become the world's gravest fear? Find out ... if you dare.

Extras are in progress and will be announced at a later date. The art you see showcased (illustrated by Joel Robinson) will be on the slipcase. Although we can't show you them yet, the plan is to have the original theatrical key art for each of the films on the three separate blu-ray cases that will be inside of the case. We'll share those later as well.

National release date is May 15th but if you pre-order now directly from our site you’ll receive the set two weeks early!…"

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