If you need something to munch on while watching The Walking Dead, or if you have friends with relentless appetites reminiscent of the living dead, then Kaci Hansen, aka The Homicidal Homemaker, has the right recipe for you.

Originally revealed earlier this year, "Edible Entrails" is one of many frightfully festive recipes from The Homicidal Homemaker cooking show that we look forward to showcasing right here on Daily Dead.

To learn how to make this appetizer that is perfect for both the living and the living dead, check out the official episode below, and stay tuned to Daily Dead for more recipes from The Homicidal Homemaker! And, in case you missed it, check out Kaci's recipe for Dead Alive custard.

From The Homicidal Homemaker"Slice, dice and scream your way to creating an absolutely KILLER appetizer! Step inside The Homicidal Homemaker's kitchen (if you dare…) and learn how to create one of the most popular recipes on her website, Edible Entrails, two ways – the original, and a new delicious pepperoni pizza version! A side order of blood, er…mustard or pizza sauce, makes the perfect dipping sauce for this recipe!

VEGETARIAN/VEGAN OPTION: Use vegetarian hotdogs or pepperoni, and vegan cheese. Substitute vegetable oil or a melted butter-substitute for the egg-wash. Pillsbury® Original Crecsents are vegan-friendly. :)"

To learn more about The Homicidal Homemaker, visit Kaci Hansen's official website, check out her Patreon page, and follow her on social media:

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