When Legendary showed Comic-Con attendees footage of an island amidst a churning sea on Saturday, most people naturally thought it was the first footage from Jurassic World. That was not the case, however, as the studio instead revealed King Kong at the end of the clip and subsequently introduced an upcoming film titled Skull Island, set on the homeland of the giant beast. Legendary's wasting no time moving forward with the project, as they now have their sights set on a director.

Deadline reports that Joe Cornish has been offered the director's chair for Skull Island by Legendary, which plans to release the movie on November 4th, 2016. Cornish has directed one feature film, 2011's Attack the Block, a sci-fi thriller that's earned a wide and fervent following. Most recently Cornish has been offered the director's chair for Universal's Section Six, a period thriller about the origin of the MI6 British intelligence branch.

Godzilla screenwriter Max Borenstein has been brought on to script the King Kong origin story, making an eventual Godzilla/King Kong feature film likely. We'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on Skull Island as more details surface. Joe Cornish is pictured below in the middle.

Source: Deadline via Collider
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