With so many characters no longer alive on The Walking Dead after six and a half seasons, it doesn't take long to put together a list of five people that you'd like to resurrect in the series. That's exactly what Jason and Karen do on a new episode of The Walking Dead ’Cast, which features an interview with one of those former cast members, IronE Singleton, who played T-Dog in the first three seasons.

From The Walking Dead ’Cast: "Which former TWD characters would you most want to see come back, and in what situations? In honor of that question, this ep we talk with one of the original greats, IronE Singleton, a.k.a. T-Dog! IronE is a one-of-a-kind man. It was a great pleasure talking with him and I know you’ll get a lot out of it. Then Karen and I go down our lists of the top five characters we’d want to see back. Super fun. Plus the latest news and your feedback!

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