After the eerie ending to the previous King Falls AM radio show broadcast, Sammy Stevens and Ben Arnold were visited this week by Emily Potter, head librarian at King Falls Public Library, who reveals strange things are being seen at the library, as well...

Produced and co-hosted by Ben Arnold, King Falls AM is a late-night radio talk show that broadcasts out of small-town America and covers a wide range of topics that are right at home on Daily Dead. With the always entertaining Sammy Stevens (formerly known as Shotgun Sammy from the BJ & Kazoo Morning Show) recently stepping in front of the microphone, we felt it was the perfect time to make King Falls AM available in our new "Listen" section on Daily Dead. Expect to hear new broadcasts of the show on the 1st and 15th of every month, and you can listen to the second broadcast (see below) right now!

Press Release -- "Producer Ben Arnold has worked for King Falls AM for since the summer of 2010, producing for local King Falls legends Chet Sebastian's Jazz Corner and Diamond Dave Alvarez Live.

Sammy Stevens, a radio journeyman, has been plying his trade across the United States for almost a decade. Most known for his days as Shotgun Sammy during the BJ & Kazoo Morning Show, Sammy decided to leave the morning zoo world behind and follow his real passion; talk radio.

King Falls AM, has been in operation in the tri-state area for over 50 years and is regaled for broadcasting such local favorites as Diamond Dave Alvarez Live, Chet Sebastian's Jazz Corner and Sally Earbright's Early Day Happy Hour.

When asked for comment, King Falls AM owner Merv Landis emailed us the following statement: "We are excited to begin a new era in late-night talk radio with Sammy Stevens on board. He exemplifies all the talents one looks for in a radio host, a steady voice, an inquisitive mind and by-the-book follow-the-leader mentality.""

Second broadcast: "Sammy & Ben have Emily Potter, the new town librarian, in studio to talk about the Grand Re-Opening of the King Falls Public Library as well as the mysterious reason it was shut down. All that and more, this week on King Falls AM."

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