Longtime listeners of King Falls AM know that Ben has an intense rivalry with Channel 13 news, so when the opportunity presents itself to take the reins from the opposing network on a breaking news story, it's no surprise that Ben finds his inner Brokaw in the latest broadcast coming out of America's strangest small town.

Episode Thirty-Nine – “Take a Look, It's In a Book”: “A slow night comes to an exciting end as Sammy & Ben try to beat out Channel 13 on a last minute scoop at the Beauregard Estate.”

Hosted by Sammy Stevens and Ben Arnold, King Falls AM is a late-night radio talk show that broadcasts out of small-town America and covers a wide range of strange topics that are right at home on Daily Dead. Expect to hear new episodes of the show around the 1st and 15th of every month, and you can listen to the latest broadcast right now!

Don’t live in King Falls? No worries. You can listen to Sammy and Ben discuss the eerie events of their supernatural-charged community on both the audioBoom Network and iTunes. The station also has a new alt channel on the audioBoom Network with additional content for listeners.