In addition to the return of the Ghost Beaters, season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead has introduced new faces to the undead fight, including Ash's daughter, Brandy, who is interviewed on a new episode of Evil Dead ’Cast that you can listen to right here on Daily Dead.

From Evil Dead ’Cast: "It's been so fun to see Ash trying his misguided best to be a good dad this season, and as you guys know, we think Arielle Carver O'Neill has been fantastic as his daughter. So it was great to get to know Arielle a bit this episode and find out about her experience on the show.

And then, of course, our reaction to toddler Ash clone crawling up through the vagina of a decapitated body and driving it around like some kind of perverted fighting robot corpse. Yep. Also, ANNOUNCEMENT: We're taking a cue from Chris' Talking Dead podcast and asking you guys to send in recordings of yourselves acting out any scene (from and season) from Ash vs. Evil Dead. We'll play them in the final episode this season and the winner will get a prize. You can use your phone to record yourself, and it's fun! Send to"

To listen to the new episode of Evil Dead ’Cast, press the "play" button below and visit iTunes to listen to all episodes of the podcast.

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