For years now, my wife and I have been throwing an annual Halloween party, which started with just a handful of people and has turned into a party with friends and family that is starting to outgrow our home. If you’re throwing a Halloween party of your own, one of the most difficult things can be getting the right music for your guests, but I’m hoping to save readers time this year by sharing my Halloween party playlist.

With any party, the trick is prioritizing the guests' experiences over your own personal interests, which is no easy challenge when it comes to music. With our party, we have guests of varied ages and interests in horror movies. There are so many songs to choose from and we could easily have individual playlists filled with oldies "Monster Mash"-style songs, popular songs from horror movies, or deep cuts most people aren’t familiar with. My goal was to combine it all in a way that is balanced, so when shuffled, everyone is getting a good mix of songs they love, songs they may have forgotten, and high-energy songs to keep the party going.

There are some obvious songs that didn’t make the list this year. In some cases it’s because I felt that the pacing balance would be hurt. In many cases, I also avoided songs that crossed the 5-minute mark as much as I could. But, feel free to take songs from this list and add your own favorites to adjust it to your tastes. I’d love to see what you come up with, so message me with your playlist if you think there’s anything I should add to mine.

This playlist isn’t put together in order and I always love not knowing what song will play next, so my recommendation is to put it on repeat and shuffle. One play through will get you three hours of music, and it may go a bit longer, as I’ll continue to tweak this list up until my Halloween party starts on Saturday, and I’ll continue to use this as my playlist for future years.

Whatever you have planned, I hope you enjoy the tunes and have a Happy Halloween Weekend!!! You can access the songs via our embed below or by clicking this Spotify URL.