"The only survivor did not come back alone." The historic Space Race becomes the backdrop for a living nightmare when a Russian cosmonaut returns to Earth with something alien (that doesn't seem to come in peace) inside him in the new sci-fi horror film Sputnik.

On this special episode of Corpse Club, Heather Wixson is joined by Sputnik director Egor Abramenko to discuss his feature film debut, which is out now from IFC Midnight. Listen as Egor takes a deep dive into the ambitious making of his movie, from its haunting body horror moments and its creepy cosmic monster to what it was like filming in Moscow and intertwining the film's unsettling story into the real-life drama of the Space Race.

So, whether you like to wonder what might be lurking among the stars or you'd rather leave those thoughts floating in orbit, listen as Heather and Egor launch into an insightful and entertaining discussion about Sputnik on this episode of Daily Dead's official podcast!

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