A modern master of horror, Stephen King's books and short stories have thrilled and chilled "Constant Readers" for generations, and so too have the many adaptations of his work. Adapting King's impactful prose and doing it justice is no easy task, but many filmmakers have managed to capture the author's magic on screen, and in the latest episode of Daily Dead's podcast, the members of the Corpse Club gather behind the microphones, conjure up thoughts of Castle Rock, and discuss their favorite takes on King's moving material.

In episode 24 of Corpse Club, co-hosts Patrick Bromley, Heather Wixson, Scott Drebit, Derek Anderson, and Jonathan James discuss their favorite adaptations of Stephen King's written works that continue to delight, scare, and ultimately stick with them after they watched the end credits roll. The members of the ghoulish gang also talk about the King-based movies and miniseries that they feel deserve more love, and their answers may surprise you! So, constant listener, take a moment to dim the lights, close your eyes, and open your ears to a new episode of Corpse Club—just make sure you're prepared to face the master... of horror.

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