On this episode of Daily Dead's official podcast, co-hosts Tamika Jones, Scott Drebit, Bryan Christopher, Derek Anderson, and Jonathan James discuss recent viewings and video games, including the horror-infused quests of Diablo IV, Mike Flanagan's modern adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe's stories in The Fall of the House of Usher, the seasonal scares of the new slasher Thanksgiving, Brian Duffield's must-see movie No One Will Save You, the outer space adventures of The Marvels, the dazzling second season of Loki, and memorable episodes of Tales from the Darkside and The Twilight Zone! To commemorate another Friendsgiving, the co-hosts also share what they're thankful for this year, especially each other and all of their listeners! So, whether you're hungry for horror or you just want to enjoy some reflective conversations, grab a seat at the virtual table and dig into this festive episode of Corpse Club!

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