In 1987, bloodsuckers hit the big screen in two immensely different vampire movies: The Lost Boys and Near Dark. The former featured a vibrant beachside setting, an epic saxophone solo, and "death by stereo." The latter took place in quiet small towns and showed the mean, messy, and murderous price to be paid for immortality. Nearly 30 years later, both movies are still beloved by fans, making this the perfect time for the Corpse Club to make sure that we, like Tim Cappello, "still believe," as we celebrate two of the most memorable horror movies of 1987.

Titled "Celebrating The Lost Boys and Near Dark," episode 10 of Corpse Club features co-hosts Heather Wixson, Patrick Bromley, Scott Drebit, Derek Anderson, and Jonathan James. With this year marking the 30th anniversaries of The Lost Boys and Near Dark, we discuss what we love about these two vampire movies, why the films continue to resonate with horror fans nearly three decades after their initial releases, the vast stylistic differences between the two movies, the unique elements each one brought to the vampire genre, and the incredible performances and effects found in both films.

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