We are truly living in a golden age of horror, and with this past year being another memorable one for spooky stories on the big screen, the Corpse Club co-hosts discuss some of their favorite horror movies of 2018 on a new episode of Daily Dead's podcast.

With another year in the books and a new one just beginning, Heather Wixson, Scott Drebit, Derek Anderson, and Jonathan James discuss some of their favorite horror movies of 2018 on a new episode of Daily Dead's podcast. From the cyber-centric scares of Unfriended: Dark Web to the soul-entrancing dances of Suspiria and the eerie experiments of Overlord, the Corpse Club co-hosts share their thoughts on the horror movies that have stuck with them this past calendar year (and beyond). So, whether you're completing your New Year's Resolutions or you're still picking confetti out of the carpet, take a break, relax, and reflect on another memorable year of horror with the Corpse Club team!

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