Fear The Walking Dead doesn't return until August, but Jason and Karen are back behind the mics to help make the wait a little sweeter with a new episode of The Walking Dead ’Cast. In addition to talking about the latest Walking Dead news and their top five TV picks, the duo discuss the personal impact of The Blair Witch Project.

From The Walking Dead ’Cast: "Ep 225, our longest yet! It’s basically two or three episodes in one. First, The Blair Witch Project is a polarizing movie. If you were as freaked out by it as we were, come relive the horror. For those who didn’t get what all the fuss was about, or outright hated it, hope you listen in and hear why it had such and impact on me and Karen. Besides that, get the latest news about all things TWD, a lengthy impassioned talk about our top five TV recommendations (plus what we’re most looking forward to), some great feedback from you guys, my experience at Podcast Movement and Walker Stalker New Jersey, and more!"

To listen to the new episode of The Walking Dead ’Cast, click the “Play” button on the audio bar below, or visit:

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