Logan’s Run Remake

2011/02/10 21:35:23 +00:00 | Jonathan James

A remake of Logan's Run has been at some stage of development for at least the last 10 years. Both Bryan Singer (X-Men) and Carl Erik Rinsch were attached to direct the remake, but ended up passing for other opportunities.

It seems that a remake may actually happen this time, as Ryan Gosling is reportedly close to finalizing a deal to star in the film as Logan 5. Nicolas Winding Refn, who just worked with Gosling on Drive, is expected to direct. There is no word on whether this remake will follow the 1976 film or the book it was based off of.

The original Logan's Run starred Michael York and revolves around the idea that everyone lives until the age of 30 and must go to an event called Carrousel when their time is up to be killed. York played the role of Logan 5, a sandman that tracks down and kills "runners" who attempt to escape their fate in Carrousel.

As much as most people hate remakes, I'd be interested in seeing someone put a new spin on the story. It is impossible for them to ruin what was so great about the original film. The original film has horribly great 70's clothing and music and is really dated, but still a favorite science fiction film of mine. If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet and love older cheesy sci-fi films, you should give it a try.

Source: Deadline