In the 1980's, The Topps Company brought us the likes of Garbage Pail Kids Adam Bomb and Mad Donna, and now they have given birth to a new GPK character just for SDCC 2014: the pixelated sword-wielding, goggle-clad "Comic Conner." After a five year hiatus, Topps is returning to SDCC with new jumbo GPK card prints, a Mars Attacks Trading Card Scavenger Hunt, and more.

Beginning at their own Booth #4120, Topps' Mars Attacks scavenger hunt will feature nine free puzzle cards located at booths throughout the convention space, with each card a clue to where the next one lies. Once compiled, all nine cards form a large image of the Mars aliens wreaking havoc on humans. The cards were created by artist Chad McCown as a continuation to the Mars Attacks: Invasion! card series that debuted in 2013.

In addition to the scavenger hunt, Topps will have these exclusives on hand for attendees to check out:

"Garbage Pail Kids “Comic Conner”: To celebrate their return, Topps has created an all-new Garbage Pail Kids character, “Comic Conner,” who will appear on a show exclusive limited edition T-Shirt available for just $20. Topps will also be giving away an exclusive “Comic Conner” promo card– which will be strictly limited and available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Garbage Pail Kids Trading Card Prints: Also exclusive to the show are a set of 11×14 jumbo Garbage Pail Kids trading card prints, perfectly suitable for framing, and feature 6 popular “GPK” characters including “Comic Conner.” These jumbo card prints will be priced at $10 each or all 6 for just $40 (while supplies last).

Additionally, fans can pick up the Mars Attacks vs. Presidential Monsters 2-Pack featuring a Martian soldier and “Baracula”, a spin on Barack Obama. That set will be available at the Heroes in Action Booth #3450.

Topps will also be offering “all the latest Topps collectibles and trading cards at the Topps booth: from Star Wars, Doctor Who, WWE, and Skylanders to Garbage Pail Kids, Mars Attacs and Wacky Packages”."

We have images of Topps' SDCC 2014 exclusives for you to check out, courtesy of SDCC Unofficial Blog!

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