A recruiter and hopeful voice for Alexandria, Aaron's courage is only eclipsed by his sense of humor, which is perhaps the greatest weapon of all in the bleak world of AMC's The Walking Dead. In January, McFarlane Toys will release a Walgreens exclusive figure based on Ross Marquand's popular character, and new photos tease the collectible before it hits shelves.

From McFarlane Toys: "Good-natured and adventurous, made Aaron the ideal choice to be Alexandria’s recruiter. Despite the harsh and un-trusting reaction he received from initial contact of Rick’s group, he saw the good that can come out of even the roughest members. He knew Alexandria needed Rick if they planned to stay alive. Aaron was not only correct in his judgement but became a valued and trusted individual with the survivors, which helped lead them and Alexandria into a whole new world.

Comes with Licensing Device w/ headphones, Remington Model Seven Compact Rifle, License Plate, and Pistol.

Spectacular likeness of Aaron based off Digital Scans of Ross Marquand. Figure also includes approximately 22 points of articulation and is sculpted in his outfit worn in Season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Aaron is a Walgreens exclusive figure.

Release Date: 2017


Paint: Original Paint

Format: Action Figure

Scale: 5 Inches

Packaging: Blister

MSRP: $14.99"

Photos from McFarlane Toys:

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