There are plenty of jigsaw puzzles that the whole family can gather around, but not as many for the loved ones in your life who are hardcore horror fans. Teaming up with Grindhouse Releasing, Messed Up Puzzles is looking to fill that void with three new, official jigsaw puzzles based on Cannibal Holocaust, Pieces, and The Beyond.

We have the full announcement on the 1000-piece puzzles (which are all priced at $29 apiece) below, as well as a look at The Beyond puzzle. Since the other two puzzles are NSFW, check here to view the Cannibal Holocaust puzzle, and go here to learn more about the Pieces puzzle.

Press Release: SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDWEST - After decades of leaving their imprint on grindhouse screens and basement TVs, three beloved horror and exploitation classics are now springing to new life in jigsaw form. CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, PIECES, and THE BEYOND have been torn, hacked, and gouged into 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles, courtesy of Messed Up Puzzles.

This first series of collector’s edition puzzles is officially licensed from Grindhouse Releasing co-founder and Academy Award-winning film editor Bob Murawski. "This is one of the coolest products we've been involved with," says Murawski. "A beautiful, high-quality collectible, dripping with delirious details."

Created by horror fans and jigsaw puzzle junkies who were sick to death of the bloodless landscapes and placid, airbrushed critters that grace so many puzzles, these NSFW boxes full of unassembled artwork should come as a blood-soaked relief to like-minded deviants.

Each Messed Up Puzzle features nothing but the goods. A decorative, removable obi wraps each box, but the puzzles themselves are just eye-popping film art without titles, credits, or any other cheats; unless where noted.

First in the collection is Ruggero Deodato’s controversial, oft-banned CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, which is now available as The Mother of all Cannibal Movie Jigsaw Puzzles, torn into 1000 profane, appalling, soul-scarring, vile, damnable, repulsive, gut-munching pieces. This one goes all the way, featuring art by Rick Melton made especially for the Grindhouse Releasing Blu-ray special edition.

Next up is (of course) PIECES. It’s exactly what you think it is: the infamous, blood-stained jigsaw puzzle that spawned the grindhouse classic. 1,000 pieces of filth that your mom does not want you putting together, and featuring the same naughty puzzle art that opens the film, courtesy of director Juan Piquer Simon.

Rounding out the series is a jigsaw puzzle that will gouge your eyes out: Lucio Fulci’s THE BEYOND. The dreaded gateways to Hell are concealed in these 1000 cursed pieces, fashioned from art by Jerry Martinez commissioned for the 1998 theatrical release by Grindhouse Releasing.

Stay tuned for the announcement of new Messed Up titles in 2019.

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