**Editor's Note 2/15: Hammer has confirmed with us that no actors have officially been decided upon at this time. We'll let readers know as soon as anything is official.** We have another Hammer story for you today, this time related to their upcoming poltergeist film, The Quiet Ones. It was reported last year that the Nicolas Cage was being sought after for the lead role, but a new report reveals that it has been offered to someone else.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Michael Sheen (Underworld/Twilight Series) has been offered the lead role, which we believe is the head of a team that sets out to create a poltergeist:

Via Bleeding Cool: "I’ll tell you one project, which is The Quiet Ones. It’s a poltergeist movie, which is based on a true story about a bunch of young scientists on a University campus who get led astray by a sort of Svengali like professor of physics and they go out and create a poltergeist, an ectoplasm from negative energy. As you can imagine, it goes really badly wrong. It’s based on a true story, an event that happened in Canada in the mid-70s. It’s written by Oren Moverman."

John Pogue (Quarantine 2) is set to direct the movie, which is expected to film in the UK later this year. It was most recently announced that Sheen will star in the pilot of Showtime's Masters of Sex that begins filming this March. We're not sure if the success of that pilot will affect his ability to appear in The Quiet Ones, but will have more information when it becomes available.