If you were entranced by the rhythmic swinging of the scythe-like blade in The Pit and the Pendulum (1961) or couldn't look away when Damien's nanny interrupted his birthday party with a shocking announcement in The Omen (1976), then you might be happy to learn that these and other iconic horror movie moments can be displayed in your home in a new line of miniature dioramas.

From Special FX makeup artist Jason Bakutis comes MicroFear, a collection of six hand-crafted dioramas less than 2.5" tall. A Kickstarter campagin was recently launched for MicroFear, and enough funds have already been raised to make these impressive miniatures a reality for horror fans.

Impeccably detailed, these miniatures are available in their completed form and as model kits for customers to conjure up on their own, and all dioramas come with their own trading card. To learn more about MicroFear and its successful Kickstarter campaign, visit:

"Oct. 16, 2014, Brooklyn, NY – MicroFear, a collection of digitally­sculpted, hand­crafted miniature dioramas, has just launched on Kickstarter. The tiny pieces each convey a classic horror scene from film and literature that fans of the genre know and love.

The Kickstarter campaign for MicroFear runs for 30 days from October 16 to November 15, 2014. Backers of the campaign will receive one or more dioramas to display in their own Cabinets of Curiosity. For an added level of interest, model­building enthusiasts can opt to receive the diorama in kit form! This option is an exciting throwback to anyone familiar with Aurora model sets or other “garage kits” that were wildly popular in past decades.


About MicroFear Dioramas

Each scene measures less than 2.5” tall and features details smaller than 1mm. The majority of each scene is comprised of high quality cast bronze pieces, while remaining elements are composed of materials like onyx resin, wood, lichen, and even sand, that add an element of realness far beyond that of hobbyist model kits.

The design starts as a digitally sculpted 3D model from artist Jason Bakutis, a former Hollywood special FX makeup artist. When the model is perfected at the tiny scale, it is then 3D printed in extremely high resolution in wax, and then cast in bronze using a traditional lost­wax casting technique. “I cast the pieces in bronze because the material’s strength allows me to beautifully render small, thin elements that won’t lose their shape,” said Bakutis. “I am a kid from the monster generation. I built model after after model in my day, and I know how much fans like me appreciate this level of incredible detail.”

Backers to the Kickstarter campaign can choose from scenes titled: “The Mummy”, “The House of the Psychopath”, “Bigfoot”, “The Pit and the Pendulum”, “The Nanny”, and “Spook Shack”.

About Jason Bakutis

Jason Bakutis is a career sculptor, both digital and physical, and he’s obsessed with all things 3D. He’s also a lifelong fan and student of the horror genre. As a Special FX makeup artist, Jason worked on such films as Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and Critters 3. On a trip to Rome, he carved out special time for a pilgrimage to the store of famed horror director Dario Argento.

Jason has a BFA in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts, and has taught digital sculpting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. He has served as an Adjunct Professor of 3D Animation at Quinnipiac University. MicroFear is Jason’s second Kickstarter project; he is also a co­founder of the company Fire & Bone, which has two highly successful Kickstarter campaigns under its belt."

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