The Weinstein Company is making its push into television, hoping to yield success similar to genre shows we see on HBO and AMC. A Scream TV series has already been given the green light over at MTV and it's now being reported that the Weinsteins are pushing to get The Mist and Sin City on the small screen.

According to a report over at The New York Times, Bob Weinstein is developing a proposed 10-part series based on The Mist. The interesting part about this news is that they want to develop it with Frank Darabont's involvement. Of course, Darabont is no stranger to horror fans or television production, having directed the feature film version of The Mist and he was the major creative force behind The Walking Dead TV series.

The report also mentioned that a Sin City TV series is a possibility, with the involvement of Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. There's no specific time frame mentioned for either project, but we'll let Daily Dead readers know as soon as more information becomes available. In the meantime, we have been keeping an eye on both the Scream and From Dusk Till Dawn TV series. To catch up on our news for both series, visit the following links: