In the era of COVID-19, the team behind Mixtape Massacre will safely bring together the community of their killer board game with a "Mixtape Madness" virtual game night experience this fall!

At 9:00pm EST on Saturday, September 26th, Mixtape Massacre players can visit the game's official YouTube channel to sync their game with the video onscreen, which will include live-action scenes that will alter your gameplay at home.

For more information, we have the official press release with additional details below, and in case you missed it, check out the recent announcement of Float: From the Deep, a new game from the creators of Mixtape Massacre!

Press Release: Mixtape Massacre announces Mixtape Madness - a virtual game night experience. With cons and events being canceled this year, opportunities to physically hang out and connect has come to a screeching halt. With that, the team behind Mixtape Massacre has created a chance to get together virtually and hang out.

On September 26, at 9PM EST, Mixtape Massacre will be running a virtual game night: Mixtape Madness.

The event is open to anyone who wants to participate. All they need is their copy of the Mixtape Massacre base game and some friends and family they are quarantined with. At 9PM EST, head over to the Mixtape Massacre Youtube page and press play on the Mixtape Madness video and let the fun begin!

The video will run in the background during your game night with occasional scene “interruptions” that can change how your current game play is progressing. These interruptions will feature live action scenes filmed just for this special event.

Mixtape Madness will be a joint production with PopMotion Productions, Oddest of the Odd, Jonathan Thorpe Photography, Eyelum Works, and music provided by LVCRFT.

The fun doesn’t stop there as prizes and giveaways will be given out during the night that players can enter via the Mixtape Massacre social channels.

So mark your calendars and on September 26th, let the madness begin.

For more information and details on Mixtape Madness, visit

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