More Dead Island Gameplay Info

2011/03/03 22:00:39 +00:00 | Jonathan James

After the release of the cinematic trailer and screenshots for Dead Island, everyone was wondering whether or not the actual game would be any good. I was also curious about how heavy the game was on the RPG side. The Game Developers Conference is going on this week and Kotaku got to see an actual gameplay demonstration. Here's a summary of what was shown off:

- There are 4 selectable player classes, each with different strengths.

-You will rely heavily on finding weapons and crafting unique weapons to fight off the zombies.

-Zombies have removable limbs.

-The plan is to have over 1000 weapons available in the game.

-This is definitely a melee game and not a shooting game. Finding a gun will be rare.

-One example given of weapon crafting and upgrading is that you can gather "items in the hut, wires batteries, [and] a machete, to create an electrified blade".

To read more about Dead Island, you can check out our previous trailer, screenshot, and game story coverage. Head over to the source link below for more detailed information on the gameplay demonstration that was shown off at GDC.

Source: Kotaku