More Problems for the Akira Movie?

2012/01/05 23:07:12 +00:00 | Jonathan James

The development of a live-action Akira movie has been a difficult process and it looks like the project is once again close to being terminated. Reports are surfacing that Warner Bros. has shut down the film's production offices due to script, budget, and casting issues.

Previously Albert Hughes had been on board as director, but had left the project due to "creative differences". There were reported issues with both the budget and being able to secure the right cast. In July of last year, Jaume Collet-Serra boarded the project as the new director with the plans for a movie that would be half of the films earlier $180 million budget.

Currently, Garrett Hedlund is attached to star and they were looking at a number of other actors to join the project including Kristen Stewart, Ken Watanabe and Helena Bonham Carter. Producers are said to be meeting with Jaume Collet-Serra over the next couple of weeks to make adjustments to the script. It is unclear at this time whether the goal of these adjustments is to improve a poor script, drastically cut down on the budget, or a bit of both. Regardless, if these issues cannot be resolved, it is being reported that the project will be canceled.

Source: THR