More Trick ‘r Treat?

2011/04/01 23:16:54 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Is this an early April Fools's Day trick or are we getting actually getting more Trick 'r Treat? According to a Facebook and Twitter update posted on the official Trick 'r Treat page yesterday, "Sam WILL return...".

That's about as vague of an update as we can get, but leaves some hope out there for fans of anthology horror movies and Trick 'r Treat. Ever since the movie made its way onto DVD, there has been a growing fanbase, but were sales enough to merit a full sequel?

I wouldn't think sales were high enough for Warner Bros. to push for a sequel, so your guess is as good as mine. Whether this means another full theatrical attempt, a direct to DVD sequel, or a graphic novel is unknown, but it looks like Michael Dougherty is cooking up something for fans of the movie.