Yesterday was a US holiday, so it was a relatively slow day for horror news. A few smaller items of interest popped up over the course of the day and we've collected them together for today's morning round-up:

Netflix Drops Qwikster Plans: After the announcement that the DVD branch of Netflix would be split off into a standalone service called Qwikster, customers were pretty vocal about their hate for the decision (and the name). Netflix has officially announced that they have scrapped their plans for Qwikster and will continue to offer their DVD service under the Netflix name.

Being Human Season 2 Airdate: SyFy has been a bit quiet about the second season of Being Human (US), but fans will be happy to know that they have officially announced that the airdate of the first new episode. The new season begins on Monday, January 16th at 9pm.

The Host Gets a 3D Conversion: The South Korean creature feature has received a 3D conversion according to THR, but there are no details on how and when fans will be able to see it at this time. The report also mentions that the sequel to The Host is still moving forward, with plans to release the film sometime in 2013.

SWAT Team Raids World War Z Set: A SWAT team in Budapest recently raided a warehouse that was storing weapons to be used for the currently filming World War Z. Us Weekly mentions that "Police seized 85 fully-functional weapons, most of which were automatic, military-style assault rifles". Apparently reason for the raid was due to the fact that the original paperwork claimed the guns were non-functional, when they were actually working guns.