NBC to Order Dracula TV Series?

2012/01/13 17:44:43 +00:00 | Jonathan James

NBC sure has been on a horror kick recently. Grimm was picked up for a full season order, they are moving forward with a reboot of The Munsters, and they're also considering a Hannibal TV show. On top of that, NBC is very close to making a “script-to-series” commitment on a Dracula TV series:

In what is being called a "contemporary spin" on the classic vampire tale, NBC is working with producers Tony Krantz and Colin Callender and writer Cole Haddon on the project. The idea is described as "Dangerous Liaisons meets The Tudors" and will be a "big, sweeping international soap opera that is young, sexy and supeernatural" set in the 1890's.

As mentioned above, if NBC likes the final script, they will give it an immediate “script-to-series” commitment instead of just ordering a pilot episode. Given the popularity of True Blood and American Horror Story, it's not surprising that other networks are looking to have their own hit horror show. We'll have more details on the project as they become available.

Source: Deadline