NBC to Revive The Munsters?

2011/08/11 20:27:00 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Hollywood seems to be in a Frankenstein frenzy lately, with a dozen Frankenstein-related projects in various stages of development. NBC is looking to jump on the bandwagon and is not only considering a TV series that is modern day retelling of the classic Frankenstein story, but also a revival of The Munsters.

According to TV Guide, Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies) has met with NBC executives about creating an "edgier, slightly darker hour-long show" that explores "the origins of how the residents of 1313 Mockingbird Lane came to be".

While this is a departure from the tone of the original show, apparently there will be plenty of humor and the new show will still feature the original cast of characters. This project is very early in development and still at the writing stages. We'll report back when we hear more about the development of the show moving forward.

Source: TV Guide